Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Notebook Versus Blog

Since TV series became a luxury for me now (I can only watch during weekends!! Such a pity.) I got the chance to stay up-to-date with The Vampire Diaries. They have a humongous bookshelf full of the records of their lumber company and of course, the personal journals of the characters there (I can say the quality of those notebooks are really superb, lasting for a really really long time) were highlighted (Samantha Gilbert's and Stefan's journals). Hence, the thought of writing in a notebook/journal sparked again. Should I ditch my blog and start writing? Or keep the blog for references to other sites and of course, photos and music links, while totally ditching the writing idea (not everyone will last a few centuries to read it again!)?

Then the easy solution to my unworldly problem? Do both! Write in a journal and blog as needed/necessary (when times are rough and the stakes are high). Would there be a decrease in the content given I don't even blog that much anymore? Make the journal a "companion" to the blog or vice versa! There are a lot of pros and cons in writing vs blogging. Not my problem anymore!! Time and energy would be the challenge now. o__o

So this makes it more personal now huh (if it is not even personal yet)? Although I reaaaaaaally have the feeling my soon-to-be-formal-journal will be just a bunch of scratch papers bound together with a cover.

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