Monday, March 12, 2012

Road Blocks

Things I see lying in the middle of the road (particularly C5) are spectacular. Well, maybe you have seen better (or worse!) but I don't really care. Most common of course is the ever-popular "other" slipper left lying like a homeless pig smack at the center of the road. Next is the "other" shoe, yes complete with the shoelace. I'm still waiting to see a sock at one point. And just last week (March 8) a dingy teddy bear. Seriously, a teddy bear. WHY?! Wait, HOW?! A kid trying to cross C5 then heard some cars fast approaching so s/he ran for his/her life leaving Mr. Bear? Leaving your teddy bear makes you run faster? Okay, noted. :|

Then on my way home, this taxi (Arnaiz) had a neat LCD monitor for movie trailers and commercials (Hang Ten, Kenny Rogers, etc.) What's hamayzing is that it's the first time I've seen RE: Retribution, MIB 3, and Spider-Man trailers ever. Very clear copy. BR-Rip! Made me want to buy an LCD monitor and watch the movies!

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