Monday, March 05, 2012

Tagaytay Highlands

Tagaytay Highlands is one of the relaxing places near the Metro. You don't have to slave over going to Baguio (6 hours or more) just to have cool air that's not from the aircon. Last February 18, while I was knocked out of consciousness with work (it's a whole new role for me so I have to make up with my innocence), family went to Tagaytay for a quick out-of-town. There were cable cars and funiculars (HK? bleh), pine trees, wooden cabins, putting greens (well it's a humongous golf course!), and fantastic view.

Cable Cars
Legitimate pine trees just hanging out. Or branching out.
They have nice and decent cable cars that would give you a great view of the highlands. There are a lot of pine trees and the air was chilly. Well, maybe it's because it was still February, definitely a far cry from the baking heat we are experiencing this March.

Cute ducks! These are from Ducks Unlimited. :p

Tagaytay Highlands is one big golf area/course, perfect for... no duh, golfers. Temperature is good, which won't impair you in the mental game of golf.

From the Chinese restaurant.
This tree has a funnel-like screen to catch all the falling leaves.
View from the Funicular.

This is the Funicular which will transport you from the Highlands to the Midlands. And yes, there are even more golf courses!

Church atop the Midlands.
View from the Cliffhouse. Always a requirement when you visit Tagaytay.
We ended the day at Cliffhouse, eating at our favorite hangout place in Tagaytay - Buon Giorno (their tarragon tea and mudslide shake are a must-try!). It was a perfect stress reliever even though I just slept the whole "roadtrip" time and yawned whenever the cool air brushed against my skin. It was still a very relaxing trip. Just walking around the place with le familia. Definitely beats staring at emails and spreadsheets!

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