Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Michelle Branch - Breathe

Last Easter Sunday, well, before it was Easter Sunday - more like 5 minutes before Easter Sunday, I read from a friend that Michelle Branch and Jojo would be having a concert in the Philippines - in Manila on the 16th 7th of June and in Cebu. There... I died for a good fifteen minutes and was swiped clean in front of the computer like I was lobotomized 20 times. I think I was nursed back to proper consciousness 2 hours after. Then played Michelle Branch's "Breathe" because I need to. Then played all her songs in my iPod. Then smiled and realized that there is still hope for humanity (well, at least before the world ends in 2012).

Can't wait to die when I see her live! It's a dream more than a decade old! (Since 2002 FYI, haha.)

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