Thursday, April 12, 2012

Simple Joys in Life: A New CD

So I really just had to share it. Yes, one of my simple joys in life includes purchasing CDs whether I order it through Amazon or just here in the local stores. A new item to be added in my stash is Ellie Goulding's Bright Lights CD! Asked a friend to look for it in Singapore (thanks, Kristal!) and she found one a couple of days before coming home for a vacation in the beautiful country of the Philippines.

At the conversion rate of April 7 the rank order of the 4 countries* wherein CDs cost the most:
1st - Singapore (intense cost of living!)
2nd - Hong Kong
3rd - US
4th - Philippines
*I only get my CDs from these countries so far. :)

So I guess I have to be thankful that CDs don't burn that much hole in my wallet since I live in the Philippines, eh? Well, the options/choices here are worse than the other countries. Nonetheless, I still have Ellie Goulding, yay! Listening party here we come!

Hair flip into perfection!

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