Monday, April 30, 2012

Birdy in the Family

A friend (recently leveled-up from being an acquaintance) went to Hong Kong for a family vacation and all I mentioned were milk tea powders. He left April 13, which is one of the worst days of my life. Yes, the worst days were yet to come and as a matter of fact, they're still lasting until the present. That's how sad my life is right now.

In any case, he mentioned out of the blue the exact same thing running in my mind - if I want to look for Birdy's CD in HMV while they're still in HK. I was really thinking about it (because another friend wasn't able to find her CD in SG) but was just not able to text or message him because of the gargantuan tasks that were dumped on me. It was a perfect suggestion at the perfect time. A couple of days later, I present to you.... Birdy in her eponymous album! Welcome to the family! I opened this CD (I don't usually open CDs I got overseas because I'm weird like that) and played it; yes, I was that sad and tired I was willing to rip open a fresh CD. Can't believe it's almost a year that I first posted her video in my blog and up to now, I'm still a fan. Really great vocals, hauntingly beautiful.
HKD 119 is not so bad a price to pay
when you're sad and low.
Birdy from Hong Kong! I can listen to her the whole day. Calming music. :)

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