Saturday, May 05, 2012

I Really Love You, WFH

For the longest time, I've been raving about WFH - work(ing) from home. You just need to be available online through the Office Communicator, attend virtual meetings/conferences, and still perform your work well. It doesn't matter if you're in the office, in the bathroom, or elsewhere, as long as you are reachable and you deliver. I've been doing this for quite sometime ever since we moved out of our office in Ortigas (I dearly miss you SMPC) and stationed in McKinley Hill, Taguig City. It's a good 20-to-30-minute (if traffic!) drive but getting home of course is easier as 10 to 15 minutes via EDSA is a done deal.

So occasionally, once or twice a week, I WFH. This saves me gasoline and parking fees. This also saves the office some bandwidth and taxi reimbursements (when I decide to ride a cab instead of driving to work), as well as hot water (I drink like a camel) and all the other utilities they have accounted for, aside from the non-work noise I add to my group of friends. Anyway, that's a different topic.

Since hell was opened a few weeks back and I was one of those pushed to the crater of the volcano, I have been in the office for 3 weeks for more than 12 hours each time and when I get home, I still need to finish work. Everyday, my finances has been suffering because I go more than 12 hours in the parking (which is PHP120). I lost 5lbs in the process (eating and sleeping habits are hurt) and this is the most tiring work ever. Out in the afternoon and back in the wee hours of the morning - I haven't had the chance to interact with my family at all. Boo me, this feels like Kinder stuff. Hahaha, but hey, it's so weird that I actually missed them in just 3 weeks. Losermei. 

The whole point I initially wanted to convey is... I can't believe I'll miss my family and my life so much. Hahahaha. My mom's been feeding me like crazy. She cooks whatever she gets her hands on, and gives me food - both healthy and unhealthy ones. Hello, chocolate chip cookies, pizza, and chocolates? Guess she's trying to help me regain the 5lbs. Oh well. One more week without Yaya Belle and Yaya Susan. I think I'll be doing the laundry tomorrow. Hmmm.


djmarquezlim said...

so.. lahat pala sa HP naghihirap ngayon :))

nung nagkaroon na ako ng weekend after three weeks, grabe, sobrang namiss ko rin yung weekend hahaha

rO.ot said...

Ang sad noh, haha. Hindi lang sapat matulog sa weekend eh, kailangan mag-effort na sa other aspects ng buhay. :)) Yung friend ko from another team, meron na kaming list ng topics na hindi na namin napag-usapan dahil wala akong time. :| :|