Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pack Buddies

Hmmm. At present, I'm still doing the Ziploc and rolled shirt style of packing. I still pack more stuff when doing overnights compared to when I fly out to some foreign place. Maybe because I take the check-in and hand-carry baggage limits as a challenge. For my last two international trips, I didn't check-in anything (well I did for my toiletries - body wash, shampoo, lotions/moisturizers/sanitizers, etc.- since my companions have check-in baggage) in the airport and my liquids were all below 30ml anyway. Travel light! Travelling with strollers/bad-ass luggage is a real pleasure (plus hearing the beautiful sound of those tiny wheels) with no weight on your shoulders/back and you can basically dump everything inside. However, when there are buses (not a fan of the compartment on provincial buses), subways, and lots of roads to cover, I still prefer the weight of the world on my back, it's like trekking to the mountains all over again. Or maybe I'm just in love with the whole idea of "backpacking" who knows.

Taken from and (link goes to the image/diagram), they are debunking my rolled shirt packing! This bundle packing method is something new but you have to remove everything when you're at your destination and try to repack everything the same way again. I think this works when there's actually space for where you will be staying. Let's say if you're travelling for a couple of months and is going to stay at a specific place for quite some time. Otherwise, this is going to be tiring unless you have OCD which is perfectly fine by the way.

Initially, you would really pack way (way) more than you would ever need. Three days outside of your house and you're carrying clothes good for 5 days, plus footwear for more than 3 occasions, which obviously you don't and won't need.

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