Monday, June 25, 2012

Four in One Year

Probably the most surprising and memorable (not in a good way) San Juan fiesta ever. It's barely a year since my granny passed away and she was already joined by her three brothers.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Brewing Coffee Like A Vietnamese

Hurrah for Vietnamese coffee and of course,
the coffee filter!
While I still have plans of being a tea connoisseur (well that's a nice way of putting it), Ate Danie brought an interesting Vietnamese coffee filter from her trip. It's a common device used in Vietnam (where else) and is good for a single-serve cup. I drink my coffee (and tea) in mugs so I'm still trying out the measurement for this one (maybe just add more beans and drip it twice). I have a coffee press and still encounter my problem of being lazy in cleaning it afterwards keeping the coffee hot after the first cup, so I think this single-serve coffee filter would be very much used instead. We have a coffee machine here at home but I'm the only one who drinks mostly, so if laziness strikes, good luck! I'd rather drink the 3-in-1 mixes (it's instant for a reason) meaning our coffee beans would be as good as rat food in no time.

So how the heck do you use this freaking thing? How about the coffee grind? Should I even bother? Although even coarse grind is okay (since it won't pass through the filters), I prefer the medium grind (perfect for drip) so that full flavor and strength can be used but of course this takes more time for your coffee to be done and is based on your preference. There are different kinds of grind for your coffee, you could check the coffee grind chart. My first bag of Vietnamese coffee is coarse grind, I don't know why but since it was a gift, I don't mind at all. Our Starbucks blend is of the medium grind so I like to use it a lot. Vietnamese coffee has a distinct taste, very flavorful compared to the coffee we usually have here in the Philippines. I still think the Hawaiian Kona has the strongest taste.

If you like Vietnamese coffee, start with Step 1; otherwise, proceed with Step 2. There are 2 kinds of coffee filters - the one with screw and the one without it. Using the filter without the screw is obviously simple as you just have to put the ground coffee, then top screen, and add water. Cover, then wait for your coffee. Thanks to for the photos.

Step 1 is to pour condensed milk to your cup. That's milk and sugar in one.
Step 2 is to remove the top screen by unscrewing it.
Photo credit from
Step 3 is to put the ground coffee beans and then screw the top screen for a snug fit. Filters without screw should just put their top screen on top of the beans. Easy breezy cover girl.

Step 4 Put your filter on top of your cup/mug (but I usually do this as Step 2 haha) and pour water on top of it. When you fill the filter with water, cover it and wait for your brewed coffee. Be amazed for a couple of minutes as your coffee drip from the filter.
Photo credit from
Step 5 Once the water has completely dripped, carefully remove the filter (it's freaking warm!) and enjoy your coffee.

I drink my coffee black with just one packet of Splenda, or when I'm in the office I put some Milo instead of creamer or milk. I have read that in Vietnam, they put condensed milk at the bottom of the cup, then place the coffee filter on top, and finally start the brewing process. Mix it, and if preferred to be consumed cold, just pour it onto a glass with ice. I would definitely love to experience this when I go to Vietnam on August! (Condensed milk, just like how they do it for Thai milk tea! But that's another entry. :p)

While I'm still in the country and just have my coffee goodies with me, I'll keep on using this Vietnamese coffee filter. It's as easy as making a regular instant coffee, so go for the natural version - brewed!
Do you like it black or with cream?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Eat and Be Merry...

for tomorrow you'll be fat.

I have accepted the sad reality that I really can't diet and other kinds of weight-loss regimen. Although I have been choosing my food since I turned away from meat, I have added a new thing to avoid: junk food. Of course, junk food does NOT include chocolates, milk tea, cakes, and tofu chips. Sometimes, eating healthy is the best "diet" out there. Oh well, the sad part is that I still have cravings and the allure of trying out new things hit me head-on.

Here are a few things to try from different food spots when you happen to pass-by. Don't ignore them!

Round 1: Tokyo Bubble Tea's Honeydew Melon Milk Tea and Roasted Japanese Cream Cheese drink. The cream cheese is a thick cheese (no duh) froth that's a familiar taste for milk tea fanatics (hello Gong Cha, Share Tea, Happy Lemon). Milk teas here are quite pricey compared to other stores. There is no chance you can taste the tea unless you specifically order... well, tea. Even with the Jap cream cheese, the tea leaves are just in my imagination. What I like about Tokyo Bubble Tea is that their stores close past midnight, so night owls can still have their milk teas and bad food habits late-night need for snacking fulfilled.
You can order your milk tea with Splenda, though, which
is good for diabetics or those cutting back on sugar.
Round 2: Veggie Samosa and Sweet Lassi at Queens at Bollywood! Indian food at a mall is not a common sight (or maybe I haven't been around that much). If you're not into spicy food, tell the server. They are kind enough and accommodating so speak up that you want your food to be just mildly spicy. I have been consuming samosa for the longest time since my mom's friend knew I was a vegetarian. I haven't even seen the menu but I know my order already! Samosa is the way to the truth! Note that their papadum (Indian taco shell that has spices and served with lentil, tamarind, and yogurt dips) is unlimited, so I bet your patay-gutom really hungry friends would like this place. They have live entertainers/performers as well (watch it, this is your chance to be cultured!), aside from the Bollywood movies blaring on flat-screen TVs. Order the Lassi (yogurt) in either Sweet or flavored type (they have Strawberry-flavored) to counter the spicy dishes you'll be ordering. Sorry kids, nothing about the non-veggie-friendly food, although I can assure you my friends enjoyed their meals with a runny nose afterwards from the spiciness. Haha.
Veggie Samosa and Sweet Lassi. Yuhum!!
Papadum with the 3 dips/sauces!
Thanks, Neth, for the photo.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Books Or Something Like It

Obviously drafted last April.

Ending April Fool's and started the day after it by finishing a borrowed copy of Stephen Chbosky's "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" which is going to be released some time this year starring Logan Lerman (Percy Jackson kid), Emma Watson (Harry Potter female star), and Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries goddess). I dislike it when books, stories, films, essays, television shows, music, or even art make me think of things, more on its effect on me and what I think after because of it. It's fiction, not some school reading "designed" to invoke some further thinking and discussion because most of the time, these non-school readings were just supposed to make you kill time.

Then I remembered watching "The Art of Getting By" starring Freddie Highmore (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kid) and Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew girl). Same thing, fatalistic/freak/weirdo boy meets a beautiful girl and they start discussing life sitting on a bench at the park. I am pretty sure although not hopeful, that "The Perks of Being A Wallflower" would be having the same tone and pace as "The Art of Getting By." Either I just found both films too similar or some boys just come into age in a very similar way.

Then I remember what Jessica Zafra shared in an entry in her blog, "Why Finish Books?" written by Tim Parks. It's kind of sad (I think) that I want to engage others in a focus-group-discussion like of some sorts after reading the same book or watching the same film, regardless if we watched it together or not. I just want to have some time like what Charlie and his friends did at Big Boy's where they started discussing about things. Of course without the cigarettes and the drugs.

When should you quit on a book? When you still wait page after page that it will live up to the wonderful reviews you read about it? They say "life is too short for bad books" but some folks spent a lot of time and money to have it printed - is it really that "bad"?
Is a good book by definition one that we did finish? Or are there occasions when we might choose to leave off a book before the end, or even only half way through, and nevertheless feel that it was good, even excellent, that we were glad we read what we read, but don’t feel the need to finish it?
How to finish a book in a day is really dependent on the kind of reading you want to do. Good books are different from books you can actually finish (or say an easy-read). That's why sometimes I hang out at the Young Adult Literature part of bookstores because there are days I don't want to read a "good" book, I just want to read.

No kidding, next titles I have are (still) Jonathan Safran Foer's "Everything Is Illuminated" and Bob Ong's "Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin" and here I'll see which one is the better one and/or which one I can finish easily. Oh crap, I still have "The Tipping Point" halfway. Oh great, which one to finish first?!

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's Charlize Theron Season!!!

When I watched the MTV Movie Awards, I just realized it's Charlize Theron season. Well she has "Snow White and the Huntsman" and "Prometheus" released this year so we'll be seeing a lot of her in the movie and computer screens whether we like it or not. Actually, I have done a downloading spree of her movies and I've dedicated some time to watch and finish them. Yes. Charlize Theron deserves the time.
All hail Queen Ravenna!
When I saw the trailer of Snow White and the Huntsman, I saw how beautiful the evil Queen Ravenna is! Well, Chris Hemsworth aka the mighty Thor was also there plus the Twilight lady K-Stew. I have to, have to watch this flick. Then it hit me, how many movies of Charlize Theron have I actually seen? Well there's the Italian Job and Aeon Flux... And... I can't remember anything else. Oh snap.

So the first thing I've back-tracked is Young Adult by Diablo Cody and Jason Reitman. It's about a young adult fiction writer returning to her hometown trying to rekindle an old flame. Most still recognize her as the popular girl in high school who made it big in Minneapolis. They don't know she's been dealing with a lot of issues and her visit back to her hometown, the fictional Mercury, helps her to grow up and move on with her life. Well just like a usual Diablo Cody film, it's laced with humor and the story's always a pleasure to see unfold right before your eyes.

Next one I've seen is Snow White and the Huntsman. Okay, we know the reviews, we've read some of them and skimmed to the critics' comments about Kristen Stewart. Some said Snow White (played by Kristen Stewart) was overpowered by the two other main characters - Queen Ravenna and the Huntsman. We're not sure if this is because of how Snow White's character was written for the screen or is this another case of K-Stew's alleged non-existent acting skills. Let's just lean on the former, it's the writer's fault! Nonetheless, it's a good 2 hours of your time and the dark theme of the movie with glorious special effects make the movie worth watching. There's action, enchanting scenery, a lot of special effects, lots of beautiful crowns and dresses for the Queen, Chris Hemsworth's increasing fanbase, and Snow White pulling off a Joan of Arc stunt.
Snow White, the Queen, and the Huntsman. <3
Admit it, she has the best crown and dresses.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The World Unseen

Whenever I go elsewhere - climb mountains, trek to see the hidden lake, walk far to the nearest MTR, pass through boats like they're bridges, climb the make-shift stairs, it reminds me to travel all I can while I'm still young.

The steps are steep, the platforms are wobbly, the roads are not paved, these things add to the experience, to the adventure. Yet when you're experiencing pain in your knees, at loss for breath (not from wonder but from poor cardio), it's not fun. I'd get that sooner or later.

Travelling is my way of postponing adulthood. It may seem selfish but the world has been really beautiful and all I have to do is see it and marvel in its beauty.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

114th Philippine Independence Day

Since the holiday economics got dissolved, all Philippine holidays are celebrated on their exact dates. That means long weekends for everyone are non-existent if the holiday doesn't fall on a Friday or Monday. June 12 is Philippine Independence Day and it's on a Tuesday. This leaves Monday on a difficult stinky position - should you hate it or should you really really hate it? It's the only boundary between a long weekend after all!

Is this how you celebrate Independence Day? Wearing costumes? Well, it would be fun but it won't work. It's too warm anyway and even if it rains, a muddy dress is not pleasant. We don't want any corpse bride walking around, do we?
This version looks nice, though.
It was a good Monday. The streets were clear and my initial uncontrollable factors for ditching a friend, who's already at Tiendesitas for the Monday gig, were "rain," "traffic," and if Barbie Almalbis or Kitchie Nadal starts playing before I get to the venue. Well, neither existed in any way. The weather was fine, I even really took my time in the carpark as I left work but the two artists were not yet playing as there was a "break time" and finally, C5 was so clear it would be a crime not to proceed to Tiendesitas! I was also able to park immediately as well. Hmm, the odds were in my favor!

First off was Kitchie Nadal who had sun-kissed skin and still uses her signature guitar from way back. The event had no entrance fee (oh I get it, since it's for Independence Day). All you have to do is pick your spot (if there were still free areas) and order from the stalls nearby while you enjoy free music for the entire week as Tiendesitas' Independence Week Celebration.
Hello, Kitchie!
Final act for the night is Barbie Almalbis. Ah, the very skillful guitarist who sings wonderful melodies.
Hello, Barbie!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Barbie Almalbis - Constellations & Buntala

I love this. It's (an almost) direct translation. The English version and the Filipino version of Barbie Almalbis' songs. Although buntala means comet, the lyrics are very similar (the word comet's in the song "Constellations" anyway) in nature and meaning. Find the chorus and the complete lyrics below. Both are enthralling. You can even sing them in each other's music. Yes, that's how similar they are. :)


Sagot sa panalangin kahit akala ko ako'y hindi sapat
Parang isang buntalang di ko inakalang dadaan sa paningin
Sa ilalim ng mga bituin sa langit paano kaya nagkakatagpo?
Kahit di maipinta ng isip kasama ka sa ilalim ng mga bituin

You're all of which I wanted but I didn't think that I came up to par.
You came like a comet i could never have dreamed about this underneath a billion stars.
In all of these stars in constellations who would have thought i'd find you here.
It was beyond imagination but here we are under a billion stars.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant

A new resto every weekend is an expensive idea. So whenever I feel like going outside to eat, it needs to be a new place as much as possible! Sundate with my sister was initially for Pan de Amerikana with the upside-down Range Rover outside their place; however, they're only open until 3PM on Sundays. Yet we can't just stay home, so where to go? Maginhawa Street's foodie haven looks like a good spot and since I'm driving, I call the shots where to eat. Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant at Malingap. Finally!

Pipino is the 2nd vegetarian restaurant I've been to (1st is Nomnomnom) and this place is as cozy as it can be. The seating capacity is very limited but the food choices are aplenty. It's actually a vegan-heaven. No cheese, dairy, and eggs. This is the real vegetarian deal! I spent a handful of minutes deciding what to eat, since it's not that often that I have a lot of choices I obviously had a difficult time choosing. Hallelujah! I can hear the vegan angels singing.
The food choices (drinks and dessert)
that are not on the menu (yet).
My sister's interested to try out their food and settled with the Low-fat Cheese-less Vegan Lasagna and Iced Tea (PHP 35) which was nothing special (haha). She researched the menu before we left home so she had an idea on what to order. The vegan lasagna was really good and a certified steal as it's only PHP 120. If you're plain hungry and want food that can make you really (feel) full, this is it!
Vegan lasagna, iced tea, and the lemongrass-cucumber-ginger cooler.
Me on the other hand, tried their more unique fares. I ordered their grilled Watermelon Steak (PHP 220) and Lemongrass-Cucumber-Ginger Cooler (PHP 80) which surprisingly tastes good (of course it still has the ginger-sting effect). Yes, you read that correctly! Grilled watermelon. Fruit... Grilled... Steak... Huh? It's a foodie abomination for some but when my food got to my table, it looked really appetizing! The beans on top of the grilled watermelon (which looked like a rarely-done steak), the mushrooms on the side, and the mashed taro with chips were all perfectly plated.
That's a watermelon, everybody. WATERMELON.
We really wanted to try their interesting desserts but by then we were already so full (I even ate 1/4 of my sister's lasagna). There's room for only one more - Oreo Ice Cream (PHP 40). My sister's dessert decision won over my vanilla graham ice cream choice because she's older. Their dairy-free ice cream is made of cashew milk and sweetened with maple syrup. Their ice cream is not that cold (not good on a hot day) but I like the taste which is not too sweet and it's really worth the price. They were still baking muffins the time we got there so we bought their chocolate cookies (made with whole-wheat flour, muscovado sugar, tablea, etc.) to-go for mommy but of course I'm the one devouring it. Take my Golden Oreos instead!!
Oreo Ice Cream.
This place is definitely worth a try. It has a good variety plus the servers are friendly and they know their stuff (I forgot to ask if they're vegetarians, too). Their dishes are so creative you would want to try everything! (And if you're not really into vegan/vegetarian food, just go down to the 1st floor and eat at Pino restobar, haha.)

Pipino Vegetarian
39 Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Toast Box

There are a lot of franchises brought over here in the country. I'm talking about the food franchises and how they're invading the local food scene. Definitely a merienda place, they also serve meals (laksa, noodles, etc.). The first time I tried Toast Box (from Singapore) was when my teammate, Rica, drove us to BGC for dinner wherein I just had chocolate toast. Then when my cousins and I were walking at Greenbelt to kill time, I brought them over to Toast Box for a quick snack as well. We had the Kaya Toast Set (PHP 120) with teh (milk tea). Although I'm okay with the prices for their drinks, I'm not sure if toasts really (need to) cost that much.

A popular drink is their "dinosaur" type. You can have either Horlicks (cold/hot), Horlicks Dinosaur, Milo (cold/hot), or Milo Dinosaur. Dinosaur basically means more powder on top of your mixed drink. Here's a Horlicks Dinosaur (PHP 105) and a Chocolate Toast set. The chocolate toast is really sweet, just check the photo for your reference.
Thanks, Rica, for the photo!
Chocolate Toast, thanks, Neth, for the photo!
This is a good place to visit if you're looking for some afternoon snack that would boost up your sugar levels to keep you going through the day or at least half the day, since you'll be crashing from the sugar anyway. :p

Toast Box
Trinoma - Lobby Level 2
Greenbelt 5 - 3F
BGC ECommerce Building, Fort (31st St corner Rizal Dr)
Robinsons Place Manila - Level 1

Friday, June 08, 2012

The Sixth Borough - in the Philippines

Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. Well if New York has 5 boroughs, the sixth one is just somewhere at Pasig - specifically at Podium. On the ground floor, Borough is a NY-themed restaurant offering unique dishes that would make you go back again.

I don't usually do food reviews for reasons that I don't really have much choices around the metro. When my friends say that the food is not good, I don't know how to react. Most of the time I can only say that food is "okay" and when I claim that it's "awful," for others it means they have to call the food authorities and have that resto/shop stop selling that dish. So I don't have much credibility on food reviews - I think that having really limited food options killed my taste buds.

Back to the Borough, my friend started with the buffalo wings (not the chocolate type) and a bucket of their fries. I ordered their Homemade Pumpkin Ravioli (PHP 250). The pumpkin ravioli was spectacular! I initially thought the serving was small but my plate of ravioli was so filling I can only think of dessert afterwards. You can taste the pumpkin, the cheese, and the dried cranberries. The mix was really good, I'll recommend this dish to everyone. Still not full, my friend ordered Fried Chicken and Waffles (PHP 280) which had pumpkin waffle with gravy sauce on top. Do you feel like you're in New York already? I don't know. Never been there. But Borough's food is a sure-fire way of making me appreciate NY food whether this is legitimate or not.
The fries, Pumpkin Ravioli, and the Fried Chicken with Waffle.
Not in photo: Buffalo Wings. It was devoured instantaneously.
For dessert, we were thinking of originally ordering the cheesecake but then the most-recommended one is Mom's Milk and Cookies (PHP 170). I'm going to a restaurant and I'll be ordering milk and cookies?! Fine. Let's give this a try. Milk was served in a small bottle chilled inside a bucket. There were 2 shotglasses and 12 cookies - choco chip, cranberry, and double choco. Dunk your small tasty cookie inside the shotglass, eat, then drink your milk (which I read that it's mixed with vanilla ice cream that's why the taste is really sweet). Bottom's up! Best milk and cookies combination ever!
Mom's Milk and Cookies. One of the finest things in life.

The Podium Mall - G/F
Open 24x7

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Revenge and the Six Movies

Finishing (finally!) the season-finale of "Revenge" and watching 6 movies (1 in the cinema in 3D while the rest are downloads at home) are definitely kicking-up my work-life weekends. I have dropped the idea of turning on my work laptop and checking emails over the weekend as well. The unnecessary stress is not needed and it's an accomplishment for me whenever I do that, which basically means more food for me as a reward. I reward myself with food, like a dog.

Revenge - the series, although not written with much depth, is entertaining enough as the characters are beautifully flawed. There are a lot of WTF and how-the-heck moments but this show can get your bum glued to your seat and keep on waiting until the lead character finally makes a mistake. The main character, portrayed by the pretty Emily VanCamp, is not really a genius psycho-plotter but she's vindictive enough to dedicate herself to the downfall of the people in her list. Plus she has mastered martial arts and is filthy rich. Well, this is not a review of the series although it's interesting to write about it, too.
Emily VanCamp.
What about the season finale? It sure made things more interesting! I'm always amazed by season finales, maybe that's the only time the writers are required to stay in a room and not leave until they churn out an episode that can make the whole world rotate the other way. Their first season finale has a lot of things going on, is action-packed (good for ADHD folks), and they definitely supplemented a new twist.

How about the movies? Well, it started with watching "Men in Black 3 in 3D" (sometimes 3D is just painful in the eyes) and noticing that the younger Agent O looks familiar. Turns out she's in "Sex and the City 2" (as Erin the bra-less Irish nanny) which I finally watched when I got home. There's something wrong with SATC2 but it's SATC, there's got to be something wrong with it for it to work out. (Side, it's my first time to actually see the trailer of "Resident Evil: Retribution" in 3D. I can't wait to see Rain back alive as well as Jill Valentine in action. Oh gosh, girly crushes! Not to mention fan-girl flailing will occur.) Afterwards, I watched "Chloe", the movie of Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore, and Liam Neeson. A very intriguing story which makes me believe now that glass houses are not really safe. Hello next day. After another day of pigging out at a restaurant, I managed to watch "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo", Hollywood's version. I have watched the 3 Swedish versions of the film and I'm interested in how Hollywood's pulling this off. Hey, not bad. The dragon tattoo of Rooney Mara looks really nice and dark, indicating that either the character doesn't get the chance to expose it to sunlight or the tattoo is newly acquired. Then I went downstairs for more movies. "This Means War" starring Chris Pine, Reese Witherspoon, and Tom Hardy, is an entertaining film with a (really) stupid ending. End of story. To cap off the disappointment I had, I opted to watch "A Dangerous Method" which I'm pretty sure will make me (and you) fall asleep in no time. Keira Knightley, Michael Fassbender, and Viggo Mortensen portrayed Sabina Spielrein, Carl Jung, and Sigmund Freud respectively. It is, a live version of your psychology textbook.

Revenge, MIB3, SATC2, Chloe, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, This Means War, A Dangerous Method, 2 restaurants, and a short run. Not bad for a weekend.

Monday, June 04, 2012

Undeclared Amount of Financial Damage

Oh, so I have crossed out two items in my Materialistic Wish List.

First is the pair of trekking sandals. When I finally got the chance to go to the mall, I checked out both Tribu and Sandugo's trekking sandals. The Tribu attendee was not particularly helpful (read: totally useless) while the Sandugo sales person was very accommodating and he helped me with the sandals. It's a little tricky adjusting the sandals as you have to pull the laces to tighten or loosen it. Total damage: PHP 595.

Another is the ticket to my young imminent death which is basically Michelle Branch's concert. And I haven't studied any Jojo songs yet! Photo of the ticket would be just be shared on concert day because my parents sister will kill me if she finds out about it. Total damage: undisclosed amount

I'm also waiting for my new CD from The xx as well as my solar/rechargeable portable charger. Well, they have shipped from Amazon to my aunt's house but I won't tick it off until I have the goodies in my hands. Don't count your chickens before they're hatched!

In other news, I'm broke but I'm happy. Haha.


So I was on a roll starting last December. I was reading and finishing books like they were ice cream in cone. However, this time it seems like reading a book is the most luxurious thing I can do! Well, that's aside from running like a hamster on treadmill and sweating like a pig in the gym. (Where do these animal references come from?!)

From Malcolm Gladwell's "The Tipping Point" to Bob Ong's "Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin" to Jonathan Safran Foer's "Everything Is Illuminated" to Camilla Morton's "How to Walk in High Heels". I guess I can't borrow some of my friends' new books at the moment.

The reader is temporarily unavailable right now. Please try your books later.

Friday, June 01, 2012

The Original Hit-Girl Before Becoming A Black Swan

Geez this was drafted last March.

While I'm complaining to my friend (from acquaintance, we're now friends!) about Natalie Portman and how much I love her, he asked if I have watched "Leon: The Professional." Being a Natalie Portman fan, I haven't. I thought I would cry right then and there as to why I haven't watched it. After controlling my lachrymal ducts for a possible waterworks, it turns out that it's a 1994 movie (films are immortal, what were you doing when you were 4?) and I thought my friend's a pedophile searching through old movies - just to see how wonderful actors were when they were kids.
What I thought of my friend while he was telling me about Leon: The Professional.
I asked why was he interested in the movie and he mentioned that it's like Kick-Ass. Knowing how Hit-Girl has changed my life (as I claim it did) he recommended the movie to me. It's like Hit-Girl's story, adding Natalie Portman into the mix makes it a worthwhile trade. Complete with the hairstyle, it's so much Hit-Girl. Well Natalie's character did not do murderous, violent stunts and holy-schmoly-did-that-just-happen moves in the movie, there were similarities.

There's no need to compare the "action scenes" of both movies as the 16-year gap gives a huge advantage to Kick-Ass. What we want here is obviously Natalie Portman when she was 13 years old pitted with Chloe Grace Moretz when she was, well, 13 years old too. This was Natalie's first film and it was mentioned that she used her grandmother's maiden name, Portman, instead of her surname (Hershlag) in case she does really bad in the film and shame her family name in the process. Humorous.

Natalie when she was 13.
Chloe when she was 13.

I'm sure when I was 13, I was not pointing a gun at someone else. I was busy stuffing facts and mythological characters in my head. And no was attempting to blow my brains out as well.