Friday, June 22, 2012

Eat and Be Merry...

for tomorrow you'll be fat.

I have accepted the sad reality that I really can't diet and other kinds of weight-loss regimen. Although I have been choosing my food since I turned away from meat, I have added a new thing to avoid: junk food. Of course, junk food does NOT include chocolates, milk tea, cakes, and tofu chips. Sometimes, eating healthy is the best "diet" out there. Oh well, the sad part is that I still have cravings and the allure of trying out new things hit me head-on.

Here are a few things to try from different food spots when you happen to pass-by. Don't ignore them!

Round 1: Tokyo Bubble Tea's Honeydew Melon Milk Tea and Roasted Japanese Cream Cheese drink. The cream cheese is a thick cheese (no duh) froth that's a familiar taste for milk tea fanatics (hello Gong Cha, Share Tea, Happy Lemon). Milk teas here are quite pricey compared to other stores. There is no chance you can taste the tea unless you specifically order... well, tea. Even with the Jap cream cheese, the tea leaves are just in my imagination. What I like about Tokyo Bubble Tea is that their stores close past midnight, so night owls can still have their milk teas and bad food habits late-night need for snacking fulfilled.
You can order your milk tea with Splenda, though, which
is good for diabetics or those cutting back on sugar.
Round 2: Veggie Samosa and Sweet Lassi at Queens at Bollywood! Indian food at a mall is not a common sight (or maybe I haven't been around that much). If you're not into spicy food, tell the server. They are kind enough and accommodating so speak up that you want your food to be just mildly spicy. I have been consuming samosa for the longest time since my mom's friend knew I was a vegetarian. I haven't even seen the menu but I know my order already! Samosa is the way to the truth! Note that their papadum (Indian taco shell that has spices and served with lentil, tamarind, and yogurt dips) is unlimited, so I bet your patay-gutom really hungry friends would like this place. They have live entertainers/performers as well (watch it, this is your chance to be cultured!), aside from the Bollywood movies blaring on flat-screen TVs. Order the Lassi (yogurt) in either Sweet or flavored type (they have Strawberry-flavored) to counter the spicy dishes you'll be ordering. Sorry kids, nothing about the non-veggie-friendly food, although I can assure you my friends enjoyed their meals with a runny nose afterwards from the spiciness. Haha.
Veggie Samosa and Sweet Lassi. Yuhum!!
Papadum with the 3 dips/sauces!
Thanks, Neth, for the photo.

Round 3: Sol Gelato's....gelatos. (._.) Do I need to say more? At almost PHP 90 per "scoop" this thing is worth it if you're into spending money for your Magnum bar. I'd rather enjoy my Strawberry Yogurt and other exquisite flavors from Sol Gelato. Their smallest serving is enough to extinguish a hot-headed corporate slave. Hahaha.
There's your wafer!
Round 4: Johnny Rockets' Deluxe Shakes (& Malts)! I have been longing for a diner for the longest time, from MIB3 and all the books I have read. I want to try eating at a diner for that American feel. The closest thing I can imagine for that is Johnny Rockets, with their diner-dash look and blaring jukebox where their servers/waiters dance at specific schedules or when they feel like it. The fountains are too big (unless you order the Teaser size which is only available for Chocolate, Vanilla, and Strawberry) for me and when you can finish one serving plus your meal (unlimited fries for your heart), congrats!!! Certified glutton! Be sure to check the additional menu for the Deluxe Shakes & Malts; it can be found on your table, probably beside the condiments because a lot of items are not in their main menu. They only indicated there, "Oreo Cookies & Cream, Butterfinger, Strawberry-Banana, Mocha Fudge, Chocolate Peanut Butter, etc." The "etc" is there! I almost missed it. Most of their branches are open 24 hours with the exception of Robinson's Galleria, so if you're craving for a SPAM Burger or a late-night anti-diabetic treat, head over there as fast as you can.
Strawberry Oreo split into two! Share the calories!

Tokyo Bubble Tea

SM North Edsa
LG/F SM North Edsa, The Block, Quezon City

SM Megamall
LG/F SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City

Tomas Morato
#220 Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City (beside Alfredo's steak house)

Wilson St. Greenhills
#229 Wilson St., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila (beside animal house)

Queens at Bollywood

3/F Greenbelt 3, Esperanza St., Ayala Center
(02) 757-3536

Sol Gelato

Unit 145, The Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hills, 1500 Fort Bonifacio, Philippines

Johnny Rockets

JR Burgos Circle
Unit WS-1 Burgos Circle ,Forbes TownCenter, Rizal Drive Cor.West CrescentPark,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig 1634
(02) 836-9546

JR Eastwood Branch
Ground Floor Eastwood Mall Veranda Libis Quezon City
+632 4702117 / +632 4702208

JR Tomas Morato Branch
No. 205, JR 1 Building, Tomas Morato Ave, beside CKB Center Bldg.,
(in between Scout Rallos & Scout Limbaga Streets),Barangay Laging Handa, Quezon City
+632 3520693 / +632 3528486

JR Robinsons Galleria Branch
Level 2, Space No. 2355, Robinsons Galleria Veranda, Robinsons Mall,
Edsa corner Ortigas Ave., Ugong Norte, Quezon City
+632 4776499 / +632 4776501

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