Friday, June 01, 2012

The Original Hit-Girl Before Becoming A Black Swan

Geez this was drafted last March.

While I'm complaining to my friend (from acquaintance, we're now friends!) about Natalie Portman and how much I love her, he asked if I have watched "Leon: The Professional." Being a Natalie Portman fan, I haven't. I thought I would cry right then and there as to why I haven't watched it. After controlling my lachrymal ducts for a possible waterworks, it turns out that it's a 1994 movie (films are immortal, what were you doing when you were 4?) and I thought my friend's a pedophile searching through old movies - just to see how wonderful actors were when they were kids.
What I thought of my friend while he was telling me about Leon: The Professional.
I asked why was he interested in the movie and he mentioned that it's like Kick-Ass. Knowing how Hit-Girl has changed my life (as I claim it did) he recommended the movie to me. It's like Hit-Girl's story, adding Natalie Portman into the mix makes it a worthwhile trade. Complete with the hairstyle, it's so much Hit-Girl. Well Natalie's character did not do murderous, violent stunts and holy-schmoly-did-that-just-happen moves in the movie, there were similarities.

There's no need to compare the "action scenes" of both movies as the 16-year gap gives a huge advantage to Kick-Ass. What we want here is obviously Natalie Portman when she was 13 years old pitted with Chloe Grace Moretz when she was, well, 13 years old too. This was Natalie's first film and it was mentioned that she used her grandmother's maiden name, Portman, instead of her surname (Hershlag) in case she does really bad in the film and shame her family name in the process. Humorous.

Natalie when she was 13.
Chloe when she was 13.

I'm sure when I was 13, I was not pointing a gun at someone else. I was busy stuffing facts and mythological characters in my head. And no was attempting to blow my brains out as well.

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