Monday, June 11, 2012

Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant

A new resto every weekend is an expensive idea. So whenever I feel like going outside to eat, it needs to be a new place as much as possible! Sundate with my sister was initially for Pan de Amerikana with the upside-down Range Rover outside their place; however, they're only open until 3PM on Sundays. Yet we can't just stay home, so where to go? Maginhawa Street's foodie haven looks like a good spot and since I'm driving, I call the shots where to eat. Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant at Malingap. Finally!

Pipino is the 2nd vegetarian restaurant I've been to (1st is Nomnomnom) and this place is as cozy as it can be. The seating capacity is very limited but the food choices are aplenty. It's actually a vegan-heaven. No cheese, dairy, and eggs. This is the real vegetarian deal! I spent a handful of minutes deciding what to eat, since it's not that often that I have a lot of choices I obviously had a difficult time choosing. Hallelujah! I can hear the vegan angels singing.
The food choices (drinks and dessert)
that are not on the menu (yet).
My sister's interested to try out their food and settled with the Low-fat Cheese-less Vegan Lasagna and Iced Tea (PHP 35) which was nothing special (haha). She researched the menu before we left home so she had an idea on what to order. The vegan lasagna was really good and a certified steal as it's only PHP 120. If you're plain hungry and want food that can make you really (feel) full, this is it!
Vegan lasagna, iced tea, and the lemongrass-cucumber-ginger cooler.
Me on the other hand, tried their more unique fares. I ordered their grilled Watermelon Steak (PHP 220) and Lemongrass-Cucumber-Ginger Cooler (PHP 80) which surprisingly tastes good (of course it still has the ginger-sting effect). Yes, you read that correctly! Grilled watermelon. Fruit... Grilled... Steak... Huh? It's a foodie abomination for some but when my food got to my table, it looked really appetizing! The beans on top of the grilled watermelon (which looked like a rarely-done steak), the mushrooms on the side, and the mashed taro with chips were all perfectly plated.
That's a watermelon, everybody. WATERMELON.
We really wanted to try their interesting desserts but by then we were already so full (I even ate 1/4 of my sister's lasagna). There's room for only one more - Oreo Ice Cream (PHP 40). My sister's dessert decision won over my vanilla graham ice cream choice because she's older. Their dairy-free ice cream is made of cashew milk and sweetened with maple syrup. Their ice cream is not that cold (not good on a hot day) but I like the taste which is not too sweet and it's really worth the price. They were still baking muffins the time we got there so we bought their chocolate cookies (made with whole-wheat flour, muscovado sugar, tablea, etc.) to-go for mommy but of course I'm the one devouring it. Take my Golden Oreos instead!!
Oreo Ice Cream.
This place is definitely worth a try. It has a good variety plus the servers are friendly and they know their stuff (I forgot to ask if they're vegetarians, too). Their dishes are so creative you would want to try everything! (And if you're not really into vegan/vegetarian food, just go down to the 1st floor and eat at Pino restobar, haha.)

Pipino Vegetarian
39 Malingap St., Teachers Village, Quezon City

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