Monday, June 04, 2012

Undeclared Amount of Financial Damage

Oh, so I have crossed out two items in my Materialistic Wish List.

First is the pair of trekking sandals. When I finally got the chance to go to the mall, I checked out both Tribu and Sandugo's trekking sandals. The Tribu attendee was not particularly helpful (read: totally useless) while the Sandugo sales person was very accommodating and he helped me with the sandals. It's a little tricky adjusting the sandals as you have to pull the laces to tighten or loosen it. Total damage: PHP 595.

Another is the ticket to my young imminent death which is basically Michelle Branch's concert. And I haven't studied any Jojo songs yet! Photo of the ticket would be just be shared on concert day because my parents sister will kill me if she finds out about it. Total damage: undisclosed amount

I'm also waiting for my new CD from The xx as well as my solar/rechargeable portable charger. Well, they have shipped from Amazon to my aunt's house but I won't tick it off until I have the goodies in my hands. Don't count your chickens before they're hatched!

In other news, I'm broke but I'm happy. Haha.

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