Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Internet-Less Life For A Week

When there's no Internet at home, you're pretty damn sure you're screwed. Well, I know I am since it's my work-from-home day! Tuesday is doomed, the Internet was missing in action and so is our Globe landline. Curses!!! After reporting the issue, I have to find a place with stable connection. I made a mad dash to Wilson Figaro and ordered their biggest drink (16oz Iced Cappuccino is only PHP119, not bad) as I will be staying for quite some time. Hahaha. Perfect ass seat-warmer. Students and their parents come and go, with the kids having their after-school snacks of pizza, sandwiches, and pasta while the wifi-leeching corporate slave is just chugging iced coffee. Pizza or sandwiches plus pasta is only a snack for them. :| Aside from "famished" kids, there are also those who stayed in the coffee shop to study. Two students on separate occasions brought out their iPads, books, and notebooks and started their work, of course, with more food. I still am holding on to my PHP 119-drink while plugging the laptop. I'm staying!!!

After my 3-hour stint in the coffee shop which seemed like forever, where else will I find free Internet? So the next best area is the wake. There's a good hotspot in Arlington protected by WEP key, mwahaha. Tuesday has been about leeching wifi. After shift, we already went home since we're going to change venue for Wednesday from Arlington to Ascension.

Oh Wednesday, coding day. There's a freaking The Black Fleet van parked at the new venue (where my grandmother's wake was also held).
Bieber Bus.
We still don't have Internet at home so I came with my parents and was already at the venue early. Honestly, I'm not much help at the wake, just an additional caffeine-junkie and mouth to feed.

*One week has passed.*
Believe it or not, after a week since I drafted the sentences above, I came back to Wilson Figaro before my lolo's pa-siyam, which we're going to have at my aunt's hospital room. So it was coffee shop day again!
9 oz Butterscotch Vanilla Latte. PHP 115.
After 4 hours which didn't feel like forever because I was at the inner part of the cafe, my mom sent me a text message that I can now go to Cardinal Santos to join the novena and have the pa-siyam dinner (they ordered in Mann Hann). Hey, I liked the Butterscotch Vanilla Latte! I'm actually looking forward to tasting their macchiato and cafe au lait.

My short stint with Figaro made me study the different coffee drinks again. I'm looking forward on being a regular there. Expensive thing, though, and I think at one time I'm going to ram the flower box in front.

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