Friday, July 06, 2012

The Dog Knows

Belly and my mom shared to me a story while Serena Williams was beating up Victoria Azarenka in their Wimbledon semi-final match. They both shared about the story of our neighbor's dog. There's a kid in our neighborhood, who just graduated as the grade school valedictorian from my HS alma mater. She died from dengue. My mom visited her wake and she said it was a beautiful and really heartbreaking sight. The coffin was huge (she's a big girl), her medals and ribbons (from academic recognition) were around, and the flowers were very colorful - fitting for a child. Her burial was yesterday, July 5. The hearse passed around the neighborhood before going to the cemetery. And here goes the story. The hearse just made the turn and there are still around 3 houses before the young girl's house. When the hearse was in sight, her dog was wailing and barking and really making a fuss. Yaya Belle and those who waited were really touched. She said there was no way the dog would know that it was the girl's coffin inside the hearse as there were no photos outside. They said the dog doesn't usually bark at cars outside, so people think the dog knows it's her friend who passed by. </3

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