Saturday, July 14, 2012

The xx - xx

My Amazon exploits have continued! And my wallet has been shocked again, haha.

The latest addition to my ugly CD collection is none other than.... The xx! I'm obviously a fan of duos - or the magnificent blend of male and female vocals (hello The Submarines, The Hush Sound, Angus & Julia Stone, etc.). I'm still eyeing Of Monsters and Men, I've been listening to their songs lately and getting used to their music. Meanwhile, The xx has wonderful whisper-like vocals sounding like they're hushing themselves so the neighbors won't hear them making beautiful music in their garage. Originating from the UK, you've probably heard of their songs from some of the TV series you've been downloading illegally watching. They are pure delight to your ears. Listen to the sample below. Definitely worth every Peso or Dollar.

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