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The tea diaries.
Entry two.
I should stop counting the entries.

Shala (adj.) - basically means sushal or rich. It means following an expensive lifestyle (even just for the moment). The word has been played around to make it more appealing to people. This is the direct opposite of a poorita. Poor. Get it? :|
Example: Your friend who just normally orders fast-food take-away suddenly declared that your group will eat at a steakhouse. "Wow, shala ka ngayon ah!"

Here is one shala tea from Singapore. Well you can still taste TWG teas here in the country at La Creperie and Sweet Bella Cafe. We usually order Silver Moon tea which costs around PHP200++ for a pot (and there are only like what, 2 tea bags inside?). The second refill will taste lighter and when you ask for a third refill you're better off drinking hot water instead. They cost that much. 

So when my teammate tweeted (yes it's now a verb same as "googled") that he's beside the TWG store in SG, I knew that was my moment to have a hold of my own TWG teas. As usual, I prefer the loose tea leaves over the tea bags so I could brew my own and well, I can put the leaves into an infuser anyway. He said there were no Silver Moon available so he went ahead with my initially requested Chocolate Tea and asked the European salesperson for his recommendation. Tadah! Weekend in Venice plus Sakura! Sakura! Tea. I have no idea yet as to what kind of teas these are (green or black or white) but I know they are specialty blends.
Weekend in Venice; Chocolate Tea; Sakura! Sakura! Tea
photo from the generous donor, Alex.
Thanks to Alex, my tea friend, for these! He also refilled my Korean brown rice green tea stash with those Sulloc tea bags. Haha.

I have been sniffing these tea packs since I got them and since I'm not yet ready to brew them, I settled for my home-boy, the Assam tea leaves. It's poorita week (the week before payday) and I can't be rich yet.
Yes, there's even a box of macarons that were really really yummy
and were gone in 60 seconds. T__T
So when I got my leaves, I did a quick research while sniffing them on and on. Natural high! After a few minutes, now I know my TWG ABCs and I can brew peacefully. Green and black tea blends! 

Sakura! Sakura! Tea includes cherry blossoms and green tea.
Weekend in Venice Tea is a green tea blend with pineapple, forest berries, and rose petals.
Chocolate Tea has black tea mixed with cacao shells.
Updated: The TWG Tea experience.  I'll try the Weekend in Venice, Sakura! Sakura! Tea, and Happy Birthday Tea (from Kiel) next time.

Initially kept in the airtight containers called Tupperware, I finally braved on brewing these precious aromatic leaves. The one I tried first is the Chocolate Tea which as mentioned above, is black tea with cacao shells. I opened the package and placed it in the percolator. Since it's black tea, it can be brewed to a boil which makes the percolator a perfect tool. Slow boil then when the water reaches the top, it falls to the strainer where the leaves are then repeats the process until the water turns into a colored auburn then darker mix (from the melted cacao).
Tea leaves.
Slow boil. Wait for it.
Damn! It freaking smells good! The aroma of chocolate is very evident and the black tea is not that strong. There is a hint of cacao when you drink your chocolate tea (duh) and the best part is, when you're near finishing your tea, there are sediments that settle at the bottom of your cup. With the Chocolate Tea, it's cacao! So you're going to drink up everything in your tea cup. So good!
There's even a heart-shaped cocoa at the bottom of my mug. <3

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