Saturday, July 21, 2012

While We Wait for The Olympics: Mugshots Edition Part 2

So okay, the previous entry about the mugshots were a little... mean horrendous, let's add more insult to injury to the athletes by featuring a couple of swimming teams to watch for (I was half-tempted to write "favorite" but if you read on, I will mention that word a hundredfold).
Laure Manaudou of France.
The French team gave justice to the page. They have similar backdrops with equally good lighting and quality. My fascination with swimming actually jump-started with Eurosports being in our cable provider. I've always been watching the different heats and when the 2008 Beijing Olympics unfolded, it was a natural thing to be attached to it.

One thing with the British swimming delegates...they have horrible not so good photos. I'd still root for Rebecca Adlington, though! Host nation must not disappoint.

The Americans are also a top-notch. They never back down, but with their photos, hmmm. Let's just let their swimming do the talking. Natalie Coughlin, Missy Franklin, Michael Phelps, Katie Ziegler, and Ryan Lochte will make tsunami-like splashes no doubt about that... but please just forget about their photos on the Olympic site.

But of course, my favorites are from the Land Down Under. Australia has been proud of their swimming team and after 4 long years, I still want their 2008 Olympics jacket - the green, the yellow, the kangaroos. Their swimming page also got it right, actually they are the ones who made it perfect. Similar themes in their photos with the lighting, backdrop, and even uniform (it's like your senior yearbook, only better). Good job, Australia! Hoping you bag as much medals as you can. Presenting two photos from the Aussie team, with my cherished Stephanie Rice and their new gun James "The Missile" Magnussen.
James Magnussen of Australia.
Stephanie Rice of Australia.
On a totally unrelated note to the mugshots but pretty much there in the water department, here's a young diver (around 15~16 years old) from Mexico, Carolina Mendoza. Well, she needed facial stitches and nose surgery due to a training accident. How's that for dedication?

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