Monday, August 06, 2012

Alcohol Shelf Life - Expiration

So my friend asked me if alcohol expires. I initially told her no (unopened of course), I treat them just like chocolates. And yet I still had to search for it because I'm wired that way. So here's the best answer I got for one of life's FAQs, "Does alcohol expire?" This is taken from this forum.

And it is just plain sad. I've heard that I can't take alcohol in because I'm under antibiotic medication. Booooooooooo.

Guideline for Shelf Life

Here is a simple guideline for the shelf life of different types of alcohol:

Cream-based Liquors - these types of liquors can curdle from the heat, so normally do not last very long after being opened. You should always check to see if your Bailey's has curdled before drinking it and usually you should toss it out a few months after being opened and unused.

Bourbon - Since it has so much alcohol in it, normally you can keep it for years even if it has been opened. Normally the spirits that are pure alcohol can all stay in your cabinet for many years without going bad.

Rum, Scotch, Whiskey, and Vodka - These all have a long shelf life because of the high alcohol content in them. They will be even better if they are left unopened, but normally you can keep these for a few years once opened.

Wine - Once wine is opened, it is best to keep it for at most a week. Wine ages gracefully, however not once it is opened. It will have a very stale taste once it hits the one week mark, so it is best to toss it then.

Beer - You normally want to drink it before it gets warm, which means once you open it you generally want to drink it within a couple hours. So toss the can of beer that you didn't finish last night.

If you have opened, unfinished alcohol, do not fret. Just call a few friends to come over and your problems over alcohol expiring will be over in just a few minutes.

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