Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Caffeinated in Vietnamese and Thai Fashion

So basically, one of the prime reasons I was excited to go to Vietnam and Thailand is this: coffee and tea. It's caffeine in a nutshell.  I have been brewing both Vietnamese coffee and Thai tea because friends and family have been sharing coffee beans and tea leaves for me to enjoy. It's about condensed milk plus the taste of Vietnamese coffee beans that's amazing, as well as condensed milk plus Thai tea leaves that somehow makes a really good drink that will keep you running in circles all day long.

The first time I tasted "authentic" Vietnamese coffee was of the iced type. I thought I saw stars but then realized I was just exaggerating. I drank another one again the next day (actually I drank around 4 glasses on our second day in Vietnam) but tried it without ice and then had the plain black one, too, because I was really excited to try everything. Nothing trumps iced coffee with milk! I can have it day in and day out until my waistline balloons and my blood sugar skyrockets, whichever comes first.
First taste of authentic (hot) Vietnamese coffee with milk. T___T
I was so wired up after the first time I tasted coffee in our hostel. It's just the first day and I still have lots of time to drink. More glasses of good coffee, I tell you! This time try it iced! Still gooooood. I also tried it plain black - just didn't take a photo of it anymore, that's too much nonsense crap I've been shoving into your eyes.
Iced Vietnamese Coffee (with milk) like a boss.
Ca phe sua da!
How about their tea? I tried "hot Vietnamese tea" at Mui Ne and... it's not note-worthy. The taste is something near jasmine tea. It was a good break from all the coffee I've been consuming though. Cute pot. End of story.
I still managed to empty the pot. My own solo tea party again.
Oh the legitimate brewing of Vietnamese coffee, Trung Nguyen Cafe is the place to be. Purchase all the good stuff here! This is actually how they prepare all of the coffee in Vietnam. They pour in ground beans into the filter and then hot water comes in and you have to wait for your coffee. It's worth the wait, anyway!
Fracking good!
Thailand. The first time I brewed my own tea from tea leaves (not tea bags) using our percolator yielded a dark colored drink. It was dark brown in color (so instantly it's black tea) and after consuming it plainly after some time, I decided to pour in condensed milk and some sweetener to try to match the recipe (since I used to be hooked on Nestea's instant Thai milk tea which is also yummy). Holy schmoly. Instant addiction to Thai milk tea! Try it iced and omg, this is fresh (not instant)! Blood sugar test, anyone?
Ta-ta-Thai iced milk tea! Oh the calories!!
Where does it come from? No, not from some magical tree that gives off milk tea as its sap. This is the brand I've been using for my Thai milk tea.
I still have no idea what brand this is.
Except that it says "Please Drink Thai Tea Mix Number One Brand" in the label.
This is the stock at the end of the trip. The damage, oooh the damage. Hahaha.
I lodged this inside my bag across three countries. Dedication!
There's Creative 1 (culi robusta) and Creative 2 (robusta arabica) Trung Nguyen Coffee plus Weasel Coffee from Vietnam (we still have the Buon Me Thuot Special "Home Blend" from Trung Nguyen as well); Tea Kaffir and Green Tea from Cambodia; and Nestea instant milk tea and Thai tea leaves from Thailand. Bwahaha.

Hmm, actually this is neither coffee nor tea. Hahaha but I used to be madly in love with rootbeer float so when I saw this in Bangkok, I knew it was time to drink soda again. A&W, you were missed. Was so tired of Coke Float from McDonald's that I haven't drunk soda since forever. Then forever ended when I saw rootbeer float. Haha.
How can you NOT resist an A&W Rootbeer Float?!

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