Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's Breakfast Time! (Please Don't Say Brekkie)

I promise you, my August and September have both been crazy and adventurous. There are a lot of entries still tagged as Draft and I really can't wait to finally publish them and share to the world how eccentric I am clean my list. In the meantime, I'll post something about... breakfast. Break-freaking-fast. Oh yeah.

The usual me used to skip breakfast (my description for breakfast is the first meal you take in right after waking up) because I don't have the appetite of starting the digestive process right after waking up. My body was wired for lunch or merienda and then I go pig out all day until dinner then pig out again until I fall asleep. Breakfast is for sissies. Pigging out is for champs.

However, with the change in work schedule and some non-life-changing moments, I tried to convert myself to being a fan of breakfast. I mean, c'mon, a lot of people swear by the magic of breakfast and how it's actually beneficial for you. So after waking up, I slowly try to force myself to eat something despite my appetite upstaging a rebellion on me. After a few months of this daily ordeal, I can now claim that I have successfully converted myself into being a breakfast person! Hurrah! "What to eat for breakfast" is something I now look forward to each day aside from actually being alive.

Dang it, French toast please.

Seriously, did I just write gibberish at 5:45am?!

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Apple said...

All I can say is BUFFET BREKKIE. haha Makes you feel like a King!