Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Try Something New Every Day!

Do you do the same thing every day? Part your hair at the same place each time? Pass by the same route on a daily basis? Well, we all have our own routines from the moment we wake up until we retire at night (or wee hours in the morning for some). This makes our lives easier, no need to worry on what to do next as we have programmed ourselves to automatically do the next thing. This is good, right? Hell yeah!!!! Especially if we want to be boring! *Jeers!*

Warning: To those with control issues, doing something new every day is a surefire way of punishing yourself. The haunting feeling of not knowing what's next - oh great.


For the first time after more than a year of being a member, I finally tried out the sauna at Gold's Gym although I made it appear like Bikram yoga - doing stretches and dips inside. Haha. Also, I managed to kill one Saturday by indulging in alcohol for "Friday Night" then did tennis on Saturday morning, then ran in the gym afterwards (trying the valet for the first time as well). Oh, I also watched Bourne Legacy in the movies when I got home and went to a family reunion in the evening then stayed in the hospital because of an emergency. August 11 was one of the worst days - very taxing both physically and emotionally.

How about trying a new salon for the first time? Only two people have cut my hair and this is the first time I'm trying out another person. I told the hair stylist (or should we say image consultant?) that I want "intense layering" for my haircut and I think he grinned and sounded really wary, "that means I'll be chopping 5 inches off your hair now..." I nodded really slowly and he proceeded with the cut.

Or watching a film festival?

There's this 5D ride in Timezone and of course, we have to try something new every day, right? Bring in your younger cousins who are game to anything and you can tick one thing off your "new things to try" list, whether you keep one or not is up to you. (I don't.) Timezone's 5D ride is a hundred bucks per person and you get to choose the "adventure" you want. It looks really hilarious because there's a monitor outside where people can watch the riders - scratching, yawning, laughing, whatever.

There are a lot of new things you can do every day. If you're worried you can't find something new, no - I'm sure you'll be able to do/try a new thing each time! New restaurants, new way of making coffee, another route, etc. Go make new experiences! :p

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