Monday, October 22, 2012

And Then There Were More CDs

Imagine getting a vinyl record and setting the pin on to it, listening to wonderful music singing out from your player on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Chillin' like an old person, waiting for the wind to blow the chimes in tune to the music.

Well that vinyl idea would be out for now. Since setting up and reconstructing our vinyl player (bodega alert) entails a lot of time and resources (where in the world will I get vinyl records of recent artists here in the country?), that idea is going to be parked for now. We'll get back to that later, more than sooner. So for now, we'll let the DJs violate and scratch the vinyls first while I settle with my CDs again. I really need to look for a new container for these, as they're piling up on my table.

Of Monsters and Men's "My Head Is an Animal", The xx's 2nd album "Coexist", and Ellie Goulding's "Halcyon" which is also her 2nd album. It was a good day to burn money for Amazon!

And we're listening to Gold Motel's "Safe in LA" at present. Gold Motel's lead singer is Greta - the other half of the amazing The Hush Sound. :)

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