Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Chow Fun - Jose Abad Santos St, San Juan

J. Abad Santos (Wilson area, San Juan) is a good place to visit when "where to eat?" is the only thing you want to think of. There are new places in the area that you can easily miss - Tori Box, La Creperie, and Eat My GF - but we'll get into those soon. Along J. Abad Santos is the huge-ass signage for Hong Kong Street Food and the bright signage of Chow Fun. Oh, how fun, there's Chow Fun! (This won't pass as their slogan, ever.)

Chow Fun has simple red, grey (no paint), and black interiors with a touch of printed tarpaulins at the sides and pretty overcrowded lamps. It's a no frills easy place to come into, you won't get intimidated with the interiors and the servers. As usual, the problem along J. Abad Santos establishments is the parking space. So please have the patience and some saltine crackers ready if you're really hungry already.
So bright like the stars at night. Whut?

Their menu is not to die for. I asked the server if there's a chance that their menu will add more items and she said yes, since the place is still relatively new. I kept on looking for the "basic" ones such as noodle soup and some fried rice. Let's give them time to double their food menu before we strike the hatchet on this. Since we're not that hungry, we opted with their famous starter: the Chinese Fondue.
The Chinese Fondue contains fried veggie cakes, sliced squid balls, and squid. It is served with a cheese-and-curry dip (I suddenly miss Macao) over a lighted candle. Fondue fun-due! It's a very interesting fondue and since I'm a fan of curry dips, this is worth my Php155 (although I know I can eat so much more for this price). Aside from the fondue, I ordered Broccoli X.O. which also has mushroom in dried seafood sauce but was too excited to eat so I wasn't able to take a photo. HA! Their iced black tea strawberry is really really good! It's a must!

It is somewhat pricey for the serving size and almost all items are for sharing. Not a good day to be an only child who went out for some late-night snacking! You have to bring your friends or family over to make the trip here worth it. For dessert, we had a toss-up between Haw Flakes Pastry or their Butchi. The Reese's Chocolate Butchi won! Since I'm the younger one, I ate 2 out of 3 pcs. Mwahaha. I like Reese's and I like buchi, it's a win-win situation for me! Friends said that Eat Well offers 6pcs chocolate buchi but I have yet to see the price range for Eat Well (which has a lot of good reviews, by the way). Maybe Chow Fun's PHP 120 Reese's Butchi stands a chance against Eat Well's.
PHP 120 for 3 pcs.

Chow Fun

103 J Abad Santos St., Little Baguio, San Juan (near Serenitea and Ristras)
+632 624 1009

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