Friday, October 05, 2012

Cliff Diving at Ariel's Point - Boracay

Sept. 30, 2012

They say YOLO - You Only Live Once. And they use it as an excuse for all the irresponsible things they could think of doing. Well, if you've been to Boracay Island (Philippines), Ariel's Point is the famous cliff diving spot. It's way higher than Tali Beach's cliff diving spot and here you can really say YOLO as in "You only lunod (drown) once" as there are 3 planks (5 meters, 8 meters, 15 meters) and one more jump-off point at 3 meters. Meters? Let's convert it to feet: 5 meters is approx. 14 feet, 8 meters is approx. 26 feet, and 15 meters is around 49 feet and that's if it's not yet low tide.

You pay PHP1,500 for the boat transfer, buffet (eat all you can and drink all the alcohol you can consume), snorkeling and kayak gears, and of course, inclusive to the package is for you to scream your lungs out (actually you can't scream as you'll be frozen under the heat of the sun) at the dive areas. It's a good price to pay whether you're going to drown yourself or just pig-out at the area or do both. After all, snacks and beer are aplenty. No one barfed from anxiety, by the way.

You can also torture yourself by building on the anticipation of jumping off 15 meters. Try the lower jump-off planks first to practice your form and (as mentioned) to scare yourself silly. It's really a good place for trying out new things and to have your regular dose of adrenaline. The crowd is amazing, they cheer you on and egg you to jump especially when you're just standing there waiting for the sun to set while thinking "did I really pay this much to fracking torture myself?!"

15 meters is a long way down.
Q: What if I don't know how to swim?
A: They have swimmers at the bottom armed with life vests so when you jump/dive, the moment you swim up by instinct (natural buoyancy will bring you to the surface anyway, even if you do minimal movement), they're going to give you a life vest so you can just float, relax, and flutter kick your way to the ladder.

My friend and teammate, Ryan, who is known to semi-drown in 6-feet pools (he's around 5'10" btw), survived the 8 and 15 meter dive. He doesn't know how to swim and yet he can attest that it's safe for non-swimmers and there are no sharks in the water.

They suggest that you try out the 3 or 5 meters first to "perfect" your landing form. If you can't do it well the first time, you can progress the height (and build up your fear) and fix your form. Otherwise, this kind of bruise is your take-away. Hazing without a paddle, anyone?
Photo from Ariel's Point Facebook page.
These foreigners really know how to make a show! I was looking for a board or paper to write in some numbers and pretend I'm judging a diving contest. This diver deserves a perfect 10.
Jumping off the 5m plank and landing/diving perfectly.
Photo from Ariel's Point Facebook page.
Travel Tips:
- Plan on visiting Ariel's Point near the end of your trip unless you want to walk, swim, or do other activities with large bruises all over your body (in case you were not able to land well on water).
- Reserve in their office the moment you land in Boracay. It's better to estimate more than less when you're not sure how many people in your group will really join. You don't need to pay for the "no-show" person anyway. They require around 2 days reservation prior to the schedule.
- Abuse the food and the drinks! Soda, beer, and water, plus their good food? All for your taking! Well if you can't dive that high, I'm pretty sure you can eat and drink a lot.
- Conquer your fear and jump like there are only 3 steps below!

And that's how you jump and never look back. <3


Miss Sanguine said...

Hi There!

I'm planning to go to Boracay next month and reaaallly wanted to try cliff diving.

You mentioned that there is a lifeguard waiting for you at the bottom right? Because I've been searching about Ariel's point and no one mentioned about it. :(

rO.ot said...

Hi Miss Sanguine!

Yup they do have lifeguards waiting for you, who will give you life vests to hold on to if you need assistance in swimming to the ladder. You can inform them as well if you don't know how to swim. :)

Anonymous said...

Pupunta rin kami dito next month! Can't wait to torture myself! HAHA exciting!!!