Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food - J. Abad Santos St, San Juan

As another way of delaying my other obligations such as uploading photos starting from my July trip and blogging about my half-of-Indochina trip, I just go to our nearby food area and pack some calories.
At 11:30PM.
Since we're not getting any mileage from this one, I present to you Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food. Yep, that's the name.

You get to choose from their wide variety of "street food" and you can have it deep fried (oh the health freaks' eyes are twitching right now) with a choice of sweet-and-sour or the famous curry sauce (just like the way they have it in HK/Macau). Aside from the street food, they also serve meals - noodles, short orders, and rice toppings. I'm not exactly sure what to recommend to you, aside from the sure-hit Pancake Balls! It's served with diluted peanut butter sauce. Yummy! Ok, now I'm hungry.

You can view their menu here:
Menu 1
Menu 2

Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food
J. Abad Santos St.
Open M-Saturday until 12am
Closed on Sundays (boooo)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tralala... Life.


We've been through a lot of stress but I really admire the endurance of some people in helping another. However, the stress is taking its toll, this useless unnecessary stress other folks are throwing on us. If the kids can't adjust their lifestyles based on what they have and the current situation they are in, there is no hope. Where can we buy sense of responsibility and understanding? Giving them everything, spoon-feeding them, is not really helping anyone. Or maybe, just maybe, these supportive people are just boosting their benevolence points.

I don't want to be mean but some people are really abusive. Either they're hopeless or they are so selfish they're willing to bite off the hand who feeds (or helps) them.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nasa Isip Ka - Session Road

Session Road has been alive since time immemorial. Well, actually just at that time when OPM was bringing in more bands in the alternative scene. With newfound friends who invited me to watch their comeback gig at 70's Bistro last time and just another one last night at Metrowalk, I revisited my music library and played out their music once again.
When Hannah sings, everyone listens.
I had the first album, "Suntok sa Buwan", way back but totally lost track that they released their second one, "Bakit Hindi?", a couple of years after. "Blanko" has been the front-liner for "Bakit Hindi?" but they have a lot of other good tunes as well, with simplistic lyrics and some reggae-like songs in the mix. Just like an Eager Angel, I had to listen and watch their shows again. "Hiram" and "Nasa Isip Ka" are both on loop now - because  "Blanko" is so mainstream. Haha.

Ito ba sayo’y isang laro?
Ako’y nalilito gulong-gulo
Pinapaasa, saan ba ito pupunta?
Wala naman akong pinanghahawakan pero…

Bakit lagi nalang nasa isip ka
Sa bawat pagmulat ng aking mata
Bakit lagi nalang nasa isip ka
May pagkakataon bang magsama?

Eto ako iyong-iyo
Ano ba talaga ako sayo?
Pinapaasa, ako ba sayo’y may halaga?
Wala naman akong pinanghahawakan pero…

Bakit lagi nalang nasa isip ka
Sa bawat pagmulat ng aking mata
Bakit lagi nalang nasa isip ka
May pagkakataon bang magsama?

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Snakespeare and The Cheap Action Star

So when a friend asked me how do you drop a "I liked you for a time" bomb in a letter, I typed this:

"Have you ever stayed up late looking up in the night sky at a very beautiful and bright star, admiring it from a distance? Then after some time, it moved and shot through spiraling downwards towards the earth. I never saw its magnificence afterwards. That's how I felt about you." Well, it was good while it lasted.

That's at 3:15am and drained by all the documentations I'm working on. It's a deviation from all the classic Pinoy action film kontrabida lines I have always been fond of doing (and acting aloud).

Bida: Mando! *shuffles at the cemented pillar his back is against* Nandito na ako, ako ang harapin mo!
KontraBida: Wahah-haha-hah! Lito, ang syota mo uunahin ko! Isang bala lang ito! Mabuti pang sumuko ka na!
Bida: Mandooooo! *in a husky whisper-like voice* Subukan mo lang saktan syota ko, mukha ko ang huli mong makikita bago ka mamatay! May lima pa akong palakol at itak dito, hindi ako natatakot!

And at this time while waiting for the documentation tool to load, Taylor Swift's song "Treacherous" played. This is the current song on-loop in my head.

This hope is treacherous.
This daydream is dangerous.
I, I, I like it.