Tuesday, November 06, 2012

The Snakespeare and The Cheap Action Star

So when a friend asked me how do you drop a "I liked you for a time" bomb in a letter, I typed this:

"Have you ever stayed up late looking up in the night sky at a very beautiful and bright star, admiring it from a distance? Then after some time, it moved and shot through spiraling downwards towards the earth. I never saw its magnificence afterwards. That's how I felt about you." Well, it was good while it lasted.

That's at 3:15am and drained by all the documentations I'm working on. It's a deviation from all the classic Pinoy action film kontrabida lines I have always been fond of doing (and acting aloud).

Bida: Mando! *shuffles at the cemented pillar his back is against* Nandito na ako, ako ang harapin mo!
KontraBida: Wahah-haha-hah! Lito, ang syota mo uunahin ko! Isang bala lang ito! Mabuti pang sumuko ka na!
Bida: Mandooooo! *in a husky whisper-like voice* Subukan mo lang saktan syota ko, mukha ko ang huli mong makikita bago ka mamatay! May lima pa akong palakol at itak dito, hindi ako natatakot!

And at this time while waiting for the documentation tool to load, Taylor Swift's song "Treacherous" played. This is the current song on-loop in my head.

This hope is treacherous.
This daydream is dangerous.
I, I, I like it.

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