Sunday, December 30, 2012

It Turned Well, Up Dharma Down

Up Dharma Down has been in the music scene since mid-2000s and has released an album last 2006 and another one two years later. They have a steady and (very) loyal cult following with their distinct music style that looks away from the "typical OPM sound" which has been proliferating and playing the radio stations since it was brought to life.

They haven't succumbed into the temptation of giving in to the widely-accepted music style and stuck to their trademark sound. May the heavens bless them even further because of that. Resist the temptation!!! The year 2012 has been fortunate enough to be the year the band released their eternally-awaited third album. Hallelujah bells played when I received my copy (thanks, Rough!!). My ears thanked me so much when I played the CD, they almost cried.

If this is a review (which is obviously not one), that's 8 out of 5 stars. Up Dharma Down is not for everyone and given that, I know a lot of people are missing out on good music.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Moment I Knew

When it's time to go, it is time to go. 

I have yet to pack my bags and determine where I'm headed to. All I know is that it's time to go, I have to go.

Monday, December 03, 2012

When We Run MNL 2012 (Nike)

This is the first time I have joined a fun run without a cause - no beneficiaries, just a part of a greater schema of run-for-profit-or-marketing events. I present to you... Nike We Run MNL 2012.

They have this ridiculous idea that when you're above 24y/o, you have to (and can really afford to) pay 1,200 for a run without hesitation. When you're below that age, you have to shell out 800 pesos (single registration or 700 when you and your buddy who's also below 24 years old register at the same time. Yes we know we get a really good hype, nice performance/running shirt, a drifit finisher's shirt, and a water bottle from our registration fee, but the price difference is just absurd.

Mall of Asia. I approve of this because we won't be blocking any other important roads aside from those leading to Mall of Asia area anyway.

Event: Run
There was some mishaps during the targeted start of the run because throngs of people were in the wrong place. One Event Security personnel blurted out, "Why are you all here?? You shouldn't be here! The starting line is on  the other side!" No duh, the map was clearly incorrect. There was even a "You are here" mark and the map led us to where we stayed. So by the gun time, we had to wait for more than 15 minutes before we were able to start running.

Water stations just served water. No Pocari Sweat or some other sports drink but that's okay. Just pure water served in... plastic freaking cups. Of course, these runners think they own the world - too much adrenaline being pumped. So people just throw the cups elsewhere and the plastic made these cracking sound while the pavement was really wet! Talk about waste management!

There were mobile DJs, the track was simple and since it's just one distance (10K), no one was left running around in circle wondering where the next turn is.

This thing is all about the merchandise. Some can add that it's also being part of the Nike Running Community (which I'm not sure why I capitalized the letters, as if there's really a running community).

Saw the shirts? You should also see the water bottle included! This is the first run  I have joined which doesn't have any beneficiary. I feel shamed, yes, so I just try to think I paid for the merch. At 700 pesos, I got a bottle, and 2 shirts that fit me nicely. Quite a steal.

Results are posted here. I really think they should fix the ranking by chip time and not by gun time because at my batch, it took us around 18 minutes before we were able to start! Well, that's really how it goes. Makes it "fun", right? If you run for the competition, go run a marathon instead - where there are less people stopping in the middle of the road, or those who pose for the camera at every stop.