Thursday, January 31, 2013

One-Way with Ellie Goulding's Figure 8 and Explosions

Friend said something. It went like this, "Ang dami ng one-way sa Makati (PH), dadagdag ka pa?"

Was supposed to post something from Snow Patrol's "Just Say Yes" but that song's not about a one-way street.

I'm running out of ways to make you see. I want you to stay here beside me.
I won't be ok and I won't pretend I am, so just tell me today and take my hand.

Please take my hand

Sooo, we'll go with Ellie Goulding instead. "Figure 8" is the most appropriate but "Explosions" is playing in my mind.

Figure 8

Place a kiss on my cheekbone
Then you vanish me

I chased your love around a figure 8
I need you more than I can take

You promised forever and a day
And then you take it all away

So, lovers hold on to everything
And others hold on to anything


Explosions on the day you wake up needing somebody.
And you've learned it's okay to be afraid, but it will never be the same.

I've loved and I've lost.
And I'll find you another time. I'll love you, another time.

Friday, January 04, 2013

2012 and 2013

Your year in one word?

2012 was about convenience. Nothing hassle, nothing that takes too much time and effort. It has to be convenient, why make such a big fuss about anything, right?

2013, how would it be? Going out of my comfort zone? Pushing things to the limit? Or maybe, we can have it anything as fearless?

Convenient 2012 and Fearless 2013. We'll see. :)

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Indak - Up Dharma Down

Ngunit ako ngayo'y naguguluhan.
Makikinig ba ako sa aking isip na dati pa namang magulo o iindak na lamang sa tibok ng puso mo?

At aasahan ko na lamang na hindi mo aapakan ang aking mga paa.

Ako'y litong-lito, tulungan niyo ako.
Di ko na alam kung sino pang aking pagbibigyan oh.

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


Oh, it's the New Year! Happy 2013!

Be thankful. No matter how difficult it was, we've survived a year and we can look back beaming with either pride or just the satisfaction that we've made it through a year. Whether we've been hurt or loved, it's another year to continue living our life. We're stronger than yesterday! (Thank you, Britney Spears, for that wonderful line.) Well, we've got no choice but to move forward!

And there's always tequila if you're feeling blue!