Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Mostar Diving Club - Worlds Apart

That moment where you just want to keep on posting links and links of songs you like that you think are somehow applicable in your life in any other way possible. Or maybe not? Maybe the music is just so nice.

This time I'm not sure if I'll still be giving away my one-week treatment. Do I really want to? Regardless, there are still a lot of earthly things to do.

Well, people change. Then put in the cliche that somehow helps people to cope, which is the main reason they're there - to help you cope. Just be thankful that it happened, instead of regretting it ended.

Some day you will find me
I haven't gone too far
I miss the way we were back then
How we laughed
I can feel you in my heart

There's a world in your eyes I can see it getting brighter
All the hours that we turned into days
We were young seemed like life would go on last forever
All I had was you by my side

Some day you will answer
Remember how we were
When all our hopes and dreams
Floated in the air
I feel it in my heart
I can feel you in my heart

That's the way that it was in the past you remember
When we ran through the wind and the rain
We were young seemed like life would go on last forever

Now everything has changed.

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