Tuesday, March 05, 2013

It's March, Let's Drink More Wine

So since the start of the year, I've been trying my nose and taste for wine. I was able to drag a few friends into the whole "let us drink wine" shenanigan I have and they have been updating me and sharing wine bottles. Sniff, swirl, and drink. Try not to say anything bad until the other person does first.

First drink was the lovable moscato from [yellow tail]. Well, it's an Australian moscato for crying out loud. Sweet and easy to drink. It is only 7.5% though, a bit stronger than your San Miguel Light (coming in at 5%).
Thanks, Neth, for the photo! :)
So for my birthday, I opened the "oh, there's a wine bottle here?" Gallo Family Vineyards wine we have at home. It's a Californian moscato with 9.5% alcohol. Pulling out the cork is always so much fun.

I think the bar (for fun factor) was set too high for the casual wine drinker, so we moved on with the other ones. Hello, Jacob's Creek! The sparkling rose was a little too fruity and well, duh, carbonated. Sparkling drinks are meant to be shared with a group, not with only a few bodies as you'll feel full from all the carbonated awesomeness that is called sparkling (rose) wine at 11.5%.
Look for Jacob's Creek! The proud sponsor of the Australian Open.
Thanks, K, for the photo and the drink. Haha.
Then comes the chardonnays. Make way for them and be careful not to step on their gowns. We had New York's Arbor Mist and Australia's Hardys. Arbor Mist's Tropical Fruits flavor is an explosion of lots of tastes, it can make you go bonkers. It has an aftertaste which I'm not yet sure if oak-y or one of those tropical fruits they included in the drink. It's just 6% though, compared to Hardys which tastes so (so) much better at 13%. It has that tolerable sweetness and a smooth feel that doesn't get you wondering what putrid thing did you put in your mouth. Always thought that the higher the alcohol content is, the aftertaste would be worse. Hey, this one is an exception.
The blinds are shady. No pun intended.
Then we moved on to the "real" white wines (because chardonnays and moscatos are very easy to drink, they are for kids). Chenin Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc in one night. However, no one's mind blanked even with 2 bottles between us. That's the beauty of it! Anyway, this South African 2002 Chenin Blanc is a surprise. Smelled a little like Edam cheese for me and the taste was good. However, the Sauvignon Blanc from Chile is uhmmm... Dry? My friend said it's bitter for her, and can make you feel bad sad about the world. Let's just say I'll give Sauvignon Blanc another shot before I put my foot down about this wine. In the meantime, Chenin (Blanc) wins the battle of the Saturday Blancs!
Only the wine was touched in this photo. Promise.
Other liquors were left unharmed.
Don't put your drinks on the pool table. Okay?