Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sounding Like A Mini-Boss

In the middle of creating a list as to how would you know if you like someone (wherein my friend and I are stuck in a rut), I woke up one morning with some materialistic love pack seated on our couch. Immediately, my focus shifted (I don't blame ADHD) from the list to the package. Ha! What a way to know one's priorities.
Amazon, I love you.
I might be late from the time everyone almost had portable speakers with them (not like it's strapped to their bodies anyway) but each time we go to the beach or decide to have a good time on the outskirts of civilization, one whips out his/her player (iPod or a mobile phone) for some good music and... And... And it ends there. The music is good for 5 sleeping people!!! Nobody can't freaking hear anything (acoustics hello)! Even huddling together doesn't make it any better, c'mon, seriously? Why would you do that? A group of 6 would put their heads real close to each other so they could all try to listen to music? Just listen to the crickets or the howling wolves. Then someone would finally snap, "who brought some frugging speakers?!" This question will (almost always) be answered by, "inom na nga lang tayo...nang madami."

Btw, if you can see in the photo, that's Tegan and Sara's Heartthrob CD which I ordered from Amazon. A few weeks later, a friend told me it's available in the local CD stores. OH WOW. Mainstream goodness and I just practically saved PHP 16. That's like an hour for parking. -____-

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Vegetarian Cat Meets Up With The Rat

Oh, to add to the number of my posts/entries (but it's a good one anyway), here's a story about a vegetarian cat reportedly penned by Haruki Murakami . Source here.

A cat met up with a big male rat in the attic and chased him into a corner. The rat, trembling, said, "Please don't eat me, Mr. Cat. I have to go back to my family. I have hungry children waiting for me. Please let me go." The cat said, "Don't worry, I won't eat you. To tell you the truth, I can't say this too loudly, but I'm a vegetarian. I don't eat any meat. You were lucky to run into me." The rat said, "Oh, what a wonderful day! What a lucky rat I am to meet up with a vegetarian cat!" But the very next second, the cat pounced on the rat, held him down with his claws, and sank his sharp teeth into the rat's throat. With his last, painful breath, the rat asked him, "But Mr. Cat, didn't you say you're a vegetarian and don't eat any meat? Were you lying to me?" The cat licked his chops and said, "True, I don't eat meat. That was no lie. I'm going to take you home in my mouth and trade you for lettuce."

Thanks Rough, the Murakami-fan, for this!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Me and My Tsinelas

A friend mentioned that my blog has been stagnant for quite sometime. He's clearly not a fan of subtlety. So I checked when was the last time I actually barfed out an entry, and OH. My blog? Stagnant? *checks blog*

Let's look for a topic that we can digress from. Hmm. Oh wait.

My parents were not fans of my "tsinelas get-up" back when I was still in college (this is not eons ago, OK?). They think the straps would just one day give in and I would be forced to walk home with rubber bands or masking tape or I'd be suddenly advocating that "barefoot walking is actually good for our health". Well, walking around in your tsinelas is not really advisable when you're in Manila. The streets are just full of good things surprises. The pavement doubles as spittoons, garbage cans, urinals (applicable to both people and animals alike), and other things that don't make you happy.
Thanks to DISCS for the materials and to Anna for being a good foot model friend.
I remember this "prototype" my friend and I did way back February 2010 (oh college life). It was finals season and everyone's stalking the whereabouts and lurking around the areas where the copy machines are. It was so warm (hello open Ateneo grounds) and we were desperate for a photocopying machine to have all our reviewers well, photocopied (no duh). The nearest and most available place would be the library. *cue in the sound from the dagger-in-the-shower-horror/thriller scene* Problem? There is a frigging dress code! Minimum rule: no spaghetti straps and slippers/flip-flops. Yes, that's a dress code already, and you got it right (you're a genius!), I'm not a fan. No one's actually a fan of that dress code, I mean come on?! Zeee flip-flops is the staple footwear of the summer (or of most Ateneans)! How could you take that away from us??

What to do? Go to your home department and get some freaking straws and wrap around your slippers. #instasandals

With the current weather the Philippines is feeling sweaty about, my dehydrated brain suddenly thought of...slippers. Like tsinelas. Habayanas. Flip to the flops. And how I want to buy a new pair right now! Iamthisclosetobuying a pair before my wallet goes dehydrated, too. I won't get one with so many embellishments although it could be a very good weapon when you feel violent and want to do a roundhouse kick on someone. To be honest, I just churned out this entry because aside from having an entry for April, I am thinking of buying a new pair of slippers. If other folks crave for TJ's Cookie Butter or some milk tea, I might be craving for slippers. Ohh.