Monday, May 06, 2013

Happy Grap(e)s!

When initially you think you're just drinking too much caffeine (coffee and tea), now you're suddenly worried if you've become an alcoholic. You ditched the idea of buying a wine bottle stopper because you can finish an entire bottle anyway with just one friend drinking with you. Two folks finishing an entire bottle and neither got buzzed or anything? The liver is stronger than you think but the mind is more powerful in wondering, "Zermenggerd (this is OMG in some language), am I thisclose to being an alcoholic?!"
We all just want some happy graps!
Then you think maybe there's just too many brands and wonderful kinds of wine out there and it's a pity not to taste them all. You're doing the world a favor. Vodka? Whiskey? Meh. You can taste all of those and you'll be done with the good brands in less than a month (certified alcoholic). Wine is a different story altogether. And that is the problem, too. You have friends who call/text you or send photos of what they're drinking and they think it's a good brand that you'll have to try together next time. You'll get phone calls like, "I saw (brand + type of wine) here in the grocery! It costs less than the one we saw before at the other store!" A Php60-saving is a big deal if you buy wine or actually, anything in particular. Mind you, that's 6 hours of parking in the office already! Remember the wine stopper we initially thought of buying? Here's the thought, "It's a nice-to-have item but we could use the money to buy a good bottle already." See? A bottle over a possible restraining device. Priorities, you know.

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