Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Night Run

The first night run Energizer sponsored was last year and I ditched it because of some reason while the last run I have joined was last year's Nike Run... and the rest was history. My fitness probably glided downhill afterwards. *insert teardrops here*
The Eye of the Tiger and some of the famous landmarks of the world.
My tiger eye glows in the dark, btw.
(Thanks, T, for the photo and F, for drawing it.)
Prior to the event, I haven't run nor have done any exercise for the past 2 months. After February, my motivation decided to take a break somewhere off to the middle of the earth. Weight training (i.e. eating a lot) was the only thing I have done and oh, aside from driving around the Metro. Oh wonderful. I decided to do some running (okay, jogging with a little sprinting) two days before the Night Run, so I can lose all those "breakout sweat" I experience whenever I decide to leave my sedentary lifestyle after some time. The first time I ran around Greenhills at 11pm was deadly. I wanted to stop after just 1.5km HAHA. Just when I was starting to slow down, I noticed a car coasting alongside me. I looked right and saw my friend, windows down, blaring "Eye of the Tiger" from the car speakers really loudly while cheering me. It was horrible and hilarious at the same time! I tried to run away, away from the shame of me walking and from my really "supportive" friend. -.- Joke's on me since I shared before that it would really be funny if you boom "Eye of the Tiger" from your car and someone is running or biking (uphill for the ultimate challenge) beside you and then you shout, "Goooo, Kuyaaaaa!!!"

For your reference, this is the song you've probably heard all your life.

And here's the front and back designs that glow in the dark (spot my name). That was pretty smart since I thought I would fall face-first flat on the road and someone would just discover my body 2 hours after. But of course, I won't be posting this if our time wasn't good enough. HEEHEE. Either it wasn't a real 10km run or 52mins is the new standard?

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