Monday, June 24, 2013

Far From the Middle

Remember Dr. Bailey's line in Grey's Anatomy? That part where the hospital admin don't let them do the teaching style they used to do, she said that she doesn't want to wait till she doesn't recognize herself anymore - basically doing what she doesn't like to do.

Well, I waited. I waited till I don't know myself anymore. I waited till it's not me already. When you get tired, you stop fighting and all chances of redemption can just make you smile.

Comfort zone here? Where the magic happens, is there outside.
Easy to draw, difficult to live by.
But it's this kind of chalkboard illustrations that are worth trying.
So, keeping it to my 2013 theme (which sprouted from last year's events as well), maybe it's time to take risks. For the first time, I don't have a timeline, I don't have a clear direction. I am not lost, but I'll find a better way.
Thank you, Pipino restaurant for that fortune cookie
plastered on the corkboard.

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