Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Tell Me Wine

There are cheap wines and expensive wines. There are good wines and there are grape juice that pretend to be wine. Also, Monday is the new Friday or not really since every night is a possible Wine Night. It's already June, the rainy season is supposed to be here. We all want to be warm but then marshmallows on top of your hot cocoa is too fattening. (What the heck did I just type?!)

First is Adega de Pegoes semi-sweet white at 11.5% which tasted like there is a significant amount of alcohol in it even if it was chilled. The taste was balanced, as it was a little sweet (it's semi-sweet after all) at first until the alcohol makes itself known (aka bitter after-taste). It's a white wine blend of three grapes (thank you research) - muscat, arinto, and fernao pires. Priced at just around Php130 (I think my friend got this from Puregold), you can buy one and bring for your friends who haven't tasted wine yet so you can tell them, "if you don't want it, let's just smash the bottle. Whose head are we sacrificing?" It's a good introduction to a balanced wine as it has the right sweetness and bitterness in one.

*Promise I'll make an entry about cheap wines. They are a surprise. Haha.

Next would be musso's syrah (2009 bottle!) which tasted like it lost its purpose in life as a wine. Or it never really thought of being a good wine in the first place. It didn't taste like anything, was flat, and nothing to absolutely take note of except that there is alcohol. When you drink it, it's just alcohol. Syrah is also known as shiraz and this would be the lightest shiraz I have tasted (not that I have tasted a lot of shiraz though). It's a red wine, so I'll just get back to you on that like in the next 6 months.
White on the left.
Red on the right. With a man staring back at you.
This is the funniest "wine" I have ever tasted. I mean I know I bought a Carlo Rossi because it's a red moscato and I'm very intrigued by it, but this is Novellino. Novellino is a big sweeeet joke with 4.5% alcohol and working at a Php200-220 price range. It was very sweet, it's sparkling, and the alcohol content is for kids. (Kids, please don't drink till you get to college. Or, never at all if that's okay with you.) Seriously. It's sparkling grape juice with imaginary alcohol. Well, it's okay if you just want to get warm, soak your teeth in sugary drinks, or just get a blanket instead. Swiss Miss can provide you warmth, too. I'm just not the target market for this "wine".
Don't dare talk to me. You, sparkling juice, you.
I'd rather mingle with the water flask at the back.
Then just recently at a friend's celebration we had our first taste of a white zinfandel... which is colored pink (or light rose if you want to make it sound better). It was really sweet it can probably battle a moscato but it has more alcohol in it (10%!). Beringer has its share of white and red zinfandel wines. We had a 2011 bottle and zinfandels as I've heard, are the type to be paired with pesto pastas but I'm not sure if that's applicable to the white one since it can pass off as dessert wine in itself. Its aroma was great and it tasted smooth. It's very easy to finish a bottle of this. Locally, it's available at S&R and Duty Free (around Php500++). Certified good wine. :)
There's a paper penguin with a hat. Why?!
So, what's next? This lovely box houses three beautiful bottles of white [yellow tail]'s. I love you, S&R. We got the last box of whites for Php999. I swear we were all smiles when we bought it. Mwahahaha!
There's a kangaroo on the left, in the middle, and on the right.
We love kangaroos!

*We are not alcoholics. We just like wine. But you know, alcoholics are always in denial. 

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