Thursday, August 15, 2013

Three Years, Not Bad

Michelle Branch once sang, "The last 3 years were just pretend. So I said goodbye to you." Well, it lasted a month longer than 3 years and it was not just pretend. I actually learned a lot and I owe almost all of my learning and experience on those three years. It was not a walk in the park but I have gotten a whole lot along the way, not to mention people I have encountered. They made the years so fast, so good, and so much fun.

Let's put dates so we're all on track.
First Day: June 1, 2010
Last Day: July 19, 2013

Geez. I'm that old already! And then my first day at a new environment? July 22, 2013. Yep, no time to do pre-adjustment exercises if there's such a thing. We just get on and do what we're asked to do. Let's make this interesting, eh? :)