Sunday, September 15, 2013

When Cab Drivers Talk A Lot at 7AM

Cab drivers are one of the most interesting (and annoying) people you'll meet, including their highly offensive driving "skills." Last Friday, I intentionally missed out riding with my sister because I can't afford the 7am shuttle from Eastwood to Makati - I'll be late for my 8am meeting. So I hailed a cab and when I told the driver the company building, he asked me, "Sa Shell ka?" I smiled and shook my head, "Ay, sa isa pa pong mga nandoon." He mentioned all of the tenants there and he told me all about why my employer (he eventually figured it out, it was like a Pinoy Henyo moment) thought of having a shuttle would be better than transportation reimbursement (apparently they had this before). He mentioned all about safety and the whole point that the company can't afford their employees missing work since there are only a few folks in a team (by then).

He apparently knew a lot about everything, such a chismoso. And the last thing he told me when he dropped me off? "Late ka na ah." I shut the door after paying and mouthed, "Hindi paaaa!" Yep, the prolong letter A's were really necessary. For the record - I was half an hour early for the meeting.

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