Wednesday, October 23, 2013


When you want something memorable, it really makes a mark when the heavens think you'd really want to make things THAT memorable. You attract and draw that thought towards you 24/7. Since 2013 has been a rollercoaster in almost all aspects of my life (I do have social life and other kinds of "life" you can imagine), September wants to top it. How about having a nasty hit from an elf truck whose owner doesn't have insurance? Some "drivers" (because they just pretend to know how to) should never be driving. Yeah you were issued a license, but the skill and the instinct to drive a truck or a jeepney or any vehicle at all - they're just not there.

Hold your temper. Control your voice. Battle the rain. Drive at night with a bumper that can fall off anytime. Get lost. Suffer from the insensitivity of people with authority over the matter (yes, Mr. Traffic Police Photographer). Stretch your patience from Manila to the bowels of the earth. Be professional even if they're trying to rip you off. Smile, sometimes there's really nothing you can do.

It's such a cold, cold world that I can't get out. So I'll just make the best out of nothing that I have.

That was September 28, 2013. I finished paying off Noah the car last September, too, but how about a fancy October? Repaired car from the event above suddenly had a battery that went haywire. What to do? Just add hot water a problem and we can easily sort out the grown-ups from the whiners. There are adults who are whiners, too! But we're talking about maturity and peace of mind here. Unleash all your social skills and rack your memory for possible solutions. Once again, extend your patience till you reach the core of the earth.

Always have a car or portable charger for your phone aside from extra money. But it helps so much if you have someone close to you in times of trouble. Oh btw, August? I just replaced Noah's battery and I was nowhere near home, I was more than 20 kilometers away from home. Oh glob, automotive problems are one of the loveliest problems to have. NOT. I think I dropped my sense of humor somewhere else along the way.