Friday, November 29, 2013

Sariling Sikap Series

So when my good friend, Kathy, decides to do something from scratch, she invites me over and lets me wreck all the beautiful things she does. There were grilled seafood and sesame dressings involved in the past, then there are sushis and pizzas present now. We're still thinking of what to do next because she has already baked cookies and even though they're so good, baking cookies is soooo mainstream that almost half of the female population bake. We take in too much caffeine already, making different kinds of caffeinated beverages seem to be difficult to consume - unless we have more people over to drink what we can whip up and share more sleepless nights with us.

Here's the first cheese pizza with dough made from scratch. No shortcuts! What else could go wrong? Pair it with wine, then you're off to lala-land! Lala-land can be synonymous to glutton's world by the way. ._.
That's a freaking 2004 merlot. And some flour on the background.
Then there's the oh-so-common California Maki. Geez, this is so tedious to make/prepare! And it involves a lot of handwork, I wonder how restaurants do this? I love you, Japanese mayonnaise and tobiko! :*
Yes, we're pretty mad about mangoes and crab sticks!
When I make something unpretty, you'll never know if I made one because it'll be in my mouth - gone in 10 seconds, and then I'll deny ever making an "unpretty" sushi. Ok?

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Planet Grapes

I have stopped posting about wine not because I have stopped drinking wine, but because I have been drinking faster than I can post or write something about it. I have tasted gew├╝rztraminer, which is my new favorite (sauvignon blanc is still my all time tastes-like-real-wine favorite), riesling, sweet reds, orange moscatos, plus pink moscatos and pinot grigio on the pipeline.

The white zinfandel on the right sucks. Left bottle, goodie!

Oh by the way, since we're here, don't buy Sutter Home's white zinfandel. It's just wrong. Spend more money on some white zinfandels from Beringer. Those, are the good stuff. Sweet as your usual moscatos but with a stronger kick - because they usually reach 10-14% alcohol content.

One more, one more! I posted this review before but I want to keep one in my blog as well. It's about this cozy place called Planet Grapes along Tuscany (near McKinley Hill, Taguig City).
We all just want happy grapes!!

I initially asked the server which of their wines have the highest alcohol content. They have Woodstock fortified wine at 20% but we settled for a Spy Valley 2012 gewurztraminer because I said so. Haha. It's difficult when there are lots of options! The bottle costs Php1,400 which is pricey for wine because you can get 2 (or 3!) good bottles for that amount!

Then again, I can say that Php1,400 was worth it. The service was fantastic! The servers (their male servers look like they can double as bouncers) were quick to refill your glass for both wine and water. They'll ask if you want your opened bottled chilled, so they'll put a wine bucket (with a stand) at the end, where it doesn't take up any space on the table.

There's NO food corkage because they don't serve meals (aside from delis and appetizers). On the photo above, that's S&R pizza. I asked if we can eat it there or if we have to pay. They said it's fine and got our food. Our server went back and presented it with their cutesy plates and cutleries. Our Php200 pizza looked like Php450 when plated that way. Uh-huh.

I'm a wine drinker (you don't say!) and I would love to go back here, even if I can get their wines cheaper elsewhere! That's how much I enjoyed it. Yeahp!

Cheese is usually wine's best friend, but then who needs cheese when you have friends and loved ones as company?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November In A Toothpaste Tube (Nutshell Is Too Mainstream)

It has probably been ten years since I last posted something here. It's just that the internet at the office is not friendly for websites that require a sign-in account, so I'm restricted to just viewing and reading blogs (yup, Harvard Business Review keeps me preoccupied almost all the time, nopes, what are you saying that I'm viewing the Oatmeal in the office?!). I've been doing a lot of things in my leisure - that is, time you have for yourself after work/office hours. And usually with the traffic, leisure is just too little nowadays. I have come to appreciate my weekends and officemates more, because how can you survive being in an environment wherein you abhor the people around you?

This post is basically a catch-up for me. I have been through a lot since I last posted an entry. There were ups and downs, but mostly my days have been pretty amazing. So, what did I miss posting about?

I finally bought a coffee burr grinder. Plus I was able to purchase a single cup brewer. I can bring this in the office or just make a cup for myself without having to clean the coffee press or plug in the coffee maker. Lazy asses, unite!!! Woohoo!!
Meet Wentworth the Miller!
I have been lusting for this one in Amazon for quite some time and then one morning, my friends and I chanced upon 2 stocks of this and I basically screamed in delight. Without having to utter 2 sentences, Neth bought one as well and we were ready to swat away hands that would get it before us.
The coffee brewer on the left, with its ammo on the right.

Then, I have finally climbed Mt. Pico de Loro at Cavite. Time to party!!! I have dreamed of going here and just burn my skin from the UV rays while punishing my legs in the process. The falls as a sidetrip is worth it, even if it'll take off at least 30 minutes of your trek time.
Hello, beautiful.
My November was not just about coffee and mountains, there are a lot of food and merriment involved as well, but since this is just my first post for November, I'll divide my posts into a number of entries just because I feel like doing it. Uh-huh, I'm bad-ass that way!