Wednesday, November 27, 2013

November In A Toothpaste Tube (Nutshell Is Too Mainstream)

It has probably been ten years since I last posted something here. It's just that the internet at the office is not friendly for websites that require a sign-in account, so I'm restricted to just viewing and reading blogs (yup, Harvard Business Review keeps me preoccupied almost all the time, nopes, what are you saying that I'm viewing the Oatmeal in the office?!). I've been doing a lot of things in my leisure - that is, time you have for yourself after work/office hours. And usually with the traffic, leisure is just too little nowadays. I have come to appreciate my weekends and officemates more, because how can you survive being in an environment wherein you abhor the people around you?

This post is basically a catch-up for me. I have been through a lot since I last posted an entry. There were ups and downs, but mostly my days have been pretty amazing. So, what did I miss posting about?

I finally bought a coffee burr grinder. Plus I was able to purchase a single cup brewer. I can bring this in the office or just make a cup for myself without having to clean the coffee press or plug in the coffee maker. Lazy asses, unite!!! Woohoo!!
Meet Wentworth the Miller!
I have been lusting for this one in Amazon for quite some time and then one morning, my friends and I chanced upon 2 stocks of this and I basically screamed in delight. Without having to utter 2 sentences, Neth bought one as well and we were ready to swat away hands that would get it before us.
The coffee brewer on the left, with its ammo on the right.

Then, I have finally climbed Mt. Pico de Loro at Cavite. Time to party!!! I have dreamed of going here and just burn my skin from the UV rays while punishing my legs in the process. The falls as a sidetrip is worth it, even if it'll take off at least 30 minutes of your trek time.
Hello, beautiful.
My November was not just about coffee and mountains, there are a lot of food and merriment involved as well, but since this is just my first post for November, I'll divide my posts into a number of entries just because I feel like doing it. Uh-huh, I'm bad-ass that way!

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