Thursday, November 28, 2013

Planet Grapes

I have stopped posting about wine not because I have stopped drinking wine, but because I have been drinking faster than I can post or write something about it. I have tasted gew├╝rztraminer, which is my new favorite (sauvignon blanc is still my all time tastes-like-real-wine favorite), riesling, sweet reds, orange moscatos, plus pink moscatos and pinot grigio on the pipeline.

The white zinfandel on the right sucks. Left bottle, goodie!

Oh by the way, since we're here, don't buy Sutter Home's white zinfandel. It's just wrong. Spend more money on some white zinfandels from Beringer. Those, are the good stuff. Sweet as your usual moscatos but with a stronger kick - because they usually reach 10-14% alcohol content.

One more, one more! I posted this review before but I want to keep one in my blog as well. It's about this cozy place called Planet Grapes along Tuscany (near McKinley Hill, Taguig City).
We all just want happy grapes!!

I initially asked the server which of their wines have the highest alcohol content. They have Woodstock fortified wine at 20% but we settled for a Spy Valley 2012 gewurztraminer because I said so. Haha. It's difficult when there are lots of options! The bottle costs Php1,400 which is pricey for wine because you can get 2 (or 3!) good bottles for that amount!

Then again, I can say that Php1,400 was worth it. The service was fantastic! The servers (their male servers look like they can double as bouncers) were quick to refill your glass for both wine and water. They'll ask if you want your opened bottled chilled, so they'll put a wine bucket (with a stand) at the end, where it doesn't take up any space on the table.

There's NO food corkage because they don't serve meals (aside from delis and appetizers). On the photo above, that's S&R pizza. I asked if we can eat it there or if we have to pay. They said it's fine and got our food. Our server went back and presented it with their cutesy plates and cutleries. Our Php200 pizza looked like Php450 when plated that way. Uh-huh.

I'm a wine drinker (you don't say!) and I would love to go back here, even if I can get their wines cheaper elsewhere! That's how much I enjoyed it. Yeahp!

Cheese is usually wine's best friend, but then who needs cheese when you have friends and loved ones as company?

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