Friday, November 29, 2013

Sariling Sikap Series

So when my good friend, Kathy, decides to do something from scratch, she invites me over and lets me wreck all the beautiful things she does. There were grilled seafood and sesame dressings involved in the past, then there are sushis and pizzas present now. We're still thinking of what to do next because she has already baked cookies and even though they're so good, baking cookies is soooo mainstream that almost half of the female population bake. We take in too much caffeine already, making different kinds of caffeinated beverages seem to be difficult to consume - unless we have more people over to drink what we can whip up and share more sleepless nights with us.

Here's the first cheese pizza with dough made from scratch. No shortcuts! What else could go wrong? Pair it with wine, then you're off to lala-land! Lala-land can be synonymous to glutton's world by the way. ._.
That's a freaking 2004 merlot. And some flour on the background.
Then there's the oh-so-common California Maki. Geez, this is so tedious to make/prepare! And it involves a lot of handwork, I wonder how restaurants do this? I love you, Japanese mayonnaise and tobiko! :*
Yes, we're pretty mad about mangoes and crab sticks!
When I make something unpretty, you'll never know if I made one because it'll be in my mouth - gone in 10 seconds, and then I'll deny ever making an "unpretty" sushi. Ok?

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