Saturday, December 28, 2013

Then A Different Cab Story

I love cab stories. I remember the one time I rode a cab, on the last day of work (we have shutdown, baby!), and as usual - I send the cab details to people at home and engage the driver into a conversation just because I want to know the person whom I have entrusted my life with for at least an hour or less of our travel time.

We started with the usual route and traffic conversation starter. I noticed a Blackberry hanging from the rear-view mirror. He told me about his experience with a really arrogant passenger who wanted him to swerve and drive recklessly. He asked the passenger to step out of his cab and he continued with, "Some passengers think just because they pay their fare, they own us already." Then he started talking about Born Again Christians and we then shifted to his son. He asked me if I'm still studying and he said that his son was changed by his Christian friends. He was a dropout of HRM and just spent his time playing mindless computer games. He stopped studying, he didn't have vices and is a good son, well except that he doesn't want to study anymore. Then he got involved with a Christian group. He joined their cell groups and the praise-and-worship band, becoming their keyboardist. Then one day, he told his parents, "Mom, Dad, I want to study again." Given that they are supportive parents, they asked him of his chosen course. He wanted to take IT and the best thing is that apart from the 50% scholarship, he actually wants to have a degree this time.

Then he mentioned something else. His son is not his eldest child. He has a stepdaughter from his wife who had a child with someone who left her. He was bestfriends with his wife and since he was still single then, they got together. He was able to provide for his family and his stepdaughter was able to finish school. Now, she lives in the US where she married a soldier who has a position and has a son. He asked me if I want to see a photo of his grandson who looks like an artista. He was really excited so who am I to say no? He handed me his Blackberry (with the AT&T mark on!) and showed photos of his grandson. He mentioned that when his stepdaughter and grandson visited them (when the husband was stationed in Afghanistan), he brought the kid with him and entertained the passengers.

It was a very good trip. Neither of us noticed that we were at San Juan already. It was a really interesting cab ride for me, one of my most interesting ones to be honest. I even told the driver about my ill-fated encounter with a creeper-driver. He definitely countered that misadventure.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Death: Canine and Eletronics

Late November and early December was a sad and depressing time. Butchoi, our ever lovable Japanese Spitz, passed away. Nov 25, 2005 - Nov 28, 2013. I cried buckets! Yaya Susan cried buckets. She fed and bathed and took care of that dog for a long time. The dog who barks even if you're a block away from the gate. The dog who always barks when I open the car, unless I tell him first, "May kukuhanin lang!" and he somehow doesn't bark at me or the car. The dog who gets crazy when there's a car parked in front of our gate. I'll miss this fluffy guard dog who looks like a white wolf. The bigger version of a normal Japanese Spitz. Japanese Spitz as a breed can't really boast a long life for its line but that doesn't make them less popular. I was just relaying the story to my friends the next day in the office during breaktime and suddenly waterworks ensued. It was my first time to silently weep in public ever since the Great Depression occured. After my dog's death, my phone decided to become a brick. Just like that, they left me. :(

Friday, December 20, 2013

Death Cab for Ruthie

Sweet baby geez, I haven't really posted anything in an eternity even though there were already a number of things I wanted to talk about such as how beautiful it is watching at Dolby Atmos cinemas. Or like how douchey cab drivers are lately. Oh yeah, I remember that!

It was a regular Friday (Nov 8 to be exact). I hailed a cab in front of our office building and had the luxury of choosing between a rickety old Corolla versus a spanking blue and white Vios. Of course, the Vios won. I got in as soon as the previous female passenger got out, lugging with me my laptop and 2 other bags (eyebags not included). Do you have that spider-sense? I don't. But it felt like I had one and it was on red alert. My SOP of texting the cab details wasn't forgotten, yet the last number of the cab was scraped off, so I had to look at the front passenger seat's side to check. Ok. Got the details! The driver was really suspicious. Like, reaaaally suspicious. My gut feel was way off the chart! He looks at me from the rearview mirror a lot, turns the aircon at full blast, and keeps on raising his three fingers in front of the vent. I was reaaaaally nervous already. I was waiting to smell something unusual or feel my lungs contract and then I called up a friend to break the silence (I tried making conversation with the driver but it's just one liners from him).

Finally he spoke. He mentioned that he needs to check the engine. Petron wasn't really full but he said, "Ay walang tubig." After one last intersection, I can't take it anymore. I asked him to drop me off because I forgot something in the office. "Bababa ka na? Bakit?" One foot was out of the door already and I gave him money before he drags me off to zombieland. 

I stayed outside and walked for a while and hailed a cab again. I was so scared I didn't ride a can afterwards for some time again. Yeahp. Who knew that old Corolla was safer than that new Vios?