Friday, December 20, 2013

Death Cab for Ruthie

Sweet baby geez, I haven't really posted anything in an eternity even though there were already a number of things I wanted to talk about such as how beautiful it is watching at Dolby Atmos cinemas. Or like how douchey cab drivers are lately. Oh yeah, I remember that!

It was a regular Friday (Nov 8 to be exact). I hailed a cab in front of our office building and had the luxury of choosing between a rickety old Corolla versus a spanking blue and white Vios. Of course, the Vios won. I got in as soon as the previous female passenger got out, lugging with me my laptop and 2 other bags (eyebags not included). Do you have that spider-sense? I don't. But it felt like I had one and it was on red alert. My SOP of texting the cab details wasn't forgotten, yet the last number of the cab was scraped off, so I had to look at the front passenger seat's side to check. Ok. Got the details! The driver was really suspicious. Like, reaaaally suspicious. My gut feel was way off the chart! He looks at me from the rearview mirror a lot, turns the aircon at full blast, and keeps on raising his three fingers in front of the vent. I was reaaaaally nervous already. I was waiting to smell something unusual or feel my lungs contract and then I called up a friend to break the silence (I tried making conversation with the driver but it's just one liners from him).

Finally he spoke. He mentioned that he needs to check the engine. Petron wasn't really full but he said, "Ay walang tubig." After one last intersection, I can't take it anymore. I asked him to drop me off because I forgot something in the office. "Bababa ka na? Bakit?" One foot was out of the door already and I gave him money before he drags me off to zombieland. 

I stayed outside and walked for a while and hailed a cab again. I was so scared I didn't ride a can afterwards for some time again. Yeahp. Who knew that old Corolla was safer than that new Vios? 

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