Friday, December 27, 2013

Death: Canine and Eletronics

Late November and early December was a sad and depressing time. Butchoi, our ever lovable Japanese Spitz, passed away. Nov 25, 2005 - Nov 28, 2013. I cried buckets! Yaya Susan cried buckets. She fed and bathed and took care of that dog for a long time. The dog who barks even if you're a block away from the gate. The dog who always barks when I open the car, unless I tell him first, "May kukuhanin lang!" and he somehow doesn't bark at me or the car. The dog who gets crazy when there's a car parked in front of our gate. I'll miss this fluffy guard dog who looks like a white wolf. The bigger version of a normal Japanese Spitz. Japanese Spitz as a breed can't really boast a long life for its line but that doesn't make them less popular. I was just relaying the story to my friends the next day in the office during breaktime and suddenly waterworks ensued. It was my first time to silently weep in public ever since the Great Depression occured. After my dog's death, my phone decided to become a brick. Just like that, they left me. :(

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