Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Filters, Filters, Filters!!!

Try walking around a new mall and the first thing you do is memorize the layout. Okay, if that's not the first thing you do, that occupies my time. Then you get to visit this new mall a little more and you go inside stores because there's nothing to do anyway. One of these stores I often just pass by is one that I consider a wasteland - a place that has truckloads of things you don't actually need but end up buying anyway for some reason. It's like going inside a house full of Budol-Budol Gang members. Daiso, this 88-peso store holds a goldmine of things you actually need, things you might need, things you think you need (but you don't!!), and things you never thought you'd need (and still don't know up to now if you need them). 

I had an item in mind even before I left home: paper coffee filter. I am running low on them and with the resumption of work, I might need more. Then we went inside Daiso to kill time. Dang it! It was like finding your true love without looking for it! I found a happy corner!!
Just put coffee into the filter, put this on top of your cup
or mug, then add water! Instant coffee brewer! Genius!
There was one area that housed things I never imagined available here for only Php88! I was so giddy, I got myself coffee paper cone filters, tea paper packet filters, and was about to grab coffee filters that were just like those portable brewers (e.g. Starbucks Origami), except you don't need a brewer - you put your freshly ground coffee directly in it. So much fun for Php88! I know I'm coming back at this wallet trap. I'm currently pursuing water therapy but this recent discovery (I know, I'm late) might pose as a challenge. Still. Happy. Me. Depressed. Wallet. 

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