Monday, January 06, 2014

Oh My, It Is 2014 Already!

Road trips are made of pure fun. How to add more excitement in a trip? Do it with spontaneity! Let loose, don't plan anything (as much). Just strap to yourself a phone with a working GPS and a screenshot of directions or an idea where to go. Best part is to have road trips with people you love; unless you're more than willing to risk trading a good time with plotting how to throw someone out of the car. 

Then there's the added pressure of getting there safe and sound. Spur of the moment trips when one doesn't know the directions are those that may spell trouble - "Oh, nasaan na tayo?" "Ikaw navigator di ba?" "Left ba or right? Bilis!!!" Yup. The chance that every intersection and fork-road can be the end of a good mood and the start of a silent drive, is additional f-u-n. And the possibility of the most vile question/statement that can be asked/uttered, "Diba ikaw nagyaya?" "Sabi mo dito tayo eh!" Oh, joy from heaven. 

Unless you are drunk (the driver must NEVER be drunk!), remember to pack a few things though, no matter how unplanned or spontaneous or adventurous you think you are:
- car/mobile charger or spare battery
- GPS-enabled phone or map
- money or source of it (atm card, credit card)
- food and water
- good music
- patience
- a good attitude
- an open mind for fun and adventure

Well, I ended and started the year with road trips. One that evolved from a daytrip to an overnight one and another that was initially scrapped but somehow went through anyway! 

First was a long drive to Laiya, Batangas. We just wanted a decent beach so we initially thought of Kabayan Beach Resort but main target was La Luz for privacy and serenity. We tried our luck in La Luz because they don't accept walk-ins (and we were not able to reserve). Hurrah! We got in and there's even one room left. It was meant to be. Good thing we had enough clothes and money. Haha. 

Peace and quiet. Plus some dogs around.
With good company, wine is inevitable. Ahhh... Bliss. I have been to La Luz before and my second time is still pretty much the same. The sand is fine on one side but gets a little rocky towards the shoreline. The sand is not white but more on the lighter shade of brown. The beach umbrellas, the wonderful service, the buffet, and the peaceful place is perfectly fine. We didn't do any water sports or any activities except very little swimming and frying our skin under the sun. We particularly chose the dangerous timeframe you must avoid - 9am onwards, because we're crazy like that.

Just a few days ahead, we ventured to Bacolor, Pampanga for a birthday party. From SLEx a few days ago, to NLEx a few days ahead. Ah, we're rich with experience but so poor with gas and toll money. HA HA. NOT. -___-

Happy birthday, Kristal! We've been true friends to you for 2 years now (we rode the bus last year since no one wanted to drive all the way)! 

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