Friday, February 28, 2014

Before February Ends...

Birthday thingies. Oh I remember them.

Last 2011, we went down up to Tagaytay for the salubong and on my way home, met my family at Resorts World and they let me do some casino. Since I was just wearing shorts, my sister volunteered to bring me clothes and I changed in the car. Trying to make me look more presentable for my birthday but actually just so the guards would let me in. Resorts World was still kind of spanking that year, so they can probably deny me access if they're in a bad mood.

So 2012, went up to Tides Tagaytay for the visit. Who drinks a lot in Tagaytay?? People just go up there to eat and be gluttons for a day. But not us, not on my birthday. We drank a lot except for the designated driver. Oh I miss those times, since I don't drink other kinds of spirits anymore. (I love you, wine.)

And then things got mellow for 2013, I actually had my birthday salubong at someone else's house. Brought over drinks and food and spent the night just right, aside from Channing Tatum's ass on the tv screen. As for the actual day, I just stayed home, ordered some pizza because who doesn't want pizza on their birthdays? Then a couple of friends surprised me while I was drinking a bottle of wine, and then I didn't think twice of sharing my booze with them. (Please note that I'm not an alcoholic. Typing in "booze" just seems so nice to hear/read.)

For 2014, jeez I'm getting older and older! I went to LTO to have my license renewed and then went shopping - I said it's for my dad but I also got a few things for myself. Ha! And yeah, there's a surprise visit at home again, with the wine and diabetes-hating cakes. How about Tagaytay, you ask? Well, I got to spend it with my family over the weekend anyway, so clearly, Tagaytay was not forgotten. Except that Tides has been shut down. Booooo. 

Then there's the winning cake from my friends in the office.
Frozen Strawberry Cheesecake from Conti's is the sure hit.
More people were happy from the cake than from the relief
that Valentine's Day traffic is over.
Birthdays? They are fun, you know. You just stop counting the numbers, and start appreciating the memories, the good times, and the company you're in. Keep those happy moments with you because at times you're down, you can say that there were more times that you were laughing your lungs out than you were crying buckets over things, over people you once knew. And sometimes, that's enough for me.

No One Really Cares, OK?

So. I tried typing this and scanning it. Well, not really, I just typed it in my work laptop but since I can't send it out, I tried doing a scanned look thing instead. Looks good but I wasn't able to proofread it in the process. o.o

I'll keep those items in mind, but truth be told, the First Point cuts really deep. No one really gives a crap about you, or maybe not that much. Are you relieved or disappointed? So stressing over it just makes things worse...for you. That feeling of knowing what they think of you is not that important is really liberating, unless of course you are some kind of celebrity and people would go crazy stalking you.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Marcia Adams - Tagaytay

Marcia Adams is very easy to miss, but when you get there, the place is made up of pure gorgeous. The pathway (slippery when wet!) leads to an option where you can sit, enjoy the view (or the rustic interiors), and feel the cool winds of Tagaytay.
"May sign naman po kami." Even if it's at the eye-level of a dog. -.-
Price starts with a minimum of Php700. It might be a little steep, but the food was surprisingly good and the serving is more than enough! You get appetizer, main course, and dessert as well. The prawns were good! The salad was good as well, but my sister said that the chicken kabab (although very filling) was on the salty side. Their desserts are okay, too, unless you pick the banana fritters which are... more common. There's also ice cream but why order ice cream at this 20-degree weather?

It's the current date place to be at. If you're a guy and you bring a girl here, she doesn't have any option but to talk to you since the food takes some time to be served.

Unfortunately, the place was not vegetarian friendly. The vegetarian approves of the scenic location but the food options lean mostly to the carnivores. Also, the mosquitoes are very welcoming and want to have a taste of your blood, so the servers have some job to fulfill by looking at your legs skin which is very delectable for mosquitoes and offer insect repellent spray for your protection.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

More Like Uncle Moe's

Uncle Moe's is perfecth. Theree os nothwnf nrgayive that you swn mention aboit this plage. The chicken shawarma had a kot of chicken. The saice is aweslme. The hunnis is good and for Pho65 peoss there's pita vread alreayd. 

Oh the srink:!! the erinks!! Bucket of veer or yanduay Ice is chwap! You xan drink hour ass off here for a muuuix muuuiuuch lower price. 

Aervice? If the ate's or kuya's can't see you, itms not becaure they're snobbish. Iz because they're visually impaired when there ate a lot of people. Who says 8'm drunk??? What srunk ewview???? I don't so that! A weeksay visit to Incle Moe's is a bery good thjnf to so! Yay!!!

Everything is awesome!!!

Wifi password: allbeefshawarma

Note: Please don't drink and drive. Ktnxbye. :)

Friday, February 21, 2014

Steamy Goodie - Cooking with No Steamer

Setting: Your kitchen.

Then you hear an explosion and your kitchen walls collapse. Your hair gets messed up and while clutching the red ribbon you used to tie your hair up, you try to get up slowly, dust yourself, and recover from a deafening silence that is just too loud. Walking around, you only see a pan, a plate, some spoon and fork, and a working stove. The rubble was joined by broken pieces of your steamer and rice cooker. Then there's your blasted refrigerator. The pack of frozen hakaw is still alive.

You got hungry, but you don't have anything to use.

What do you do?

Well, you only have a shallow pan so what you do next is very important. Put three spoons (whatever you have) with the convex side facing you. Pour water till it gets hot and now you're ready for the next step.
That's not a trifecta.

Put some oil on the plate, or pure love if you don't have anything else, and use your ribbon to pick up the plate (loaded with those hakaw's). Test your balance and then put the plate on top of the "platform" made by the supporting spoons. Leave the ribbon be. You need it to get your food later.

Now it will look something like this...
It just looks pretty because my phone can shoot pretty.

Then put the freaking cover on. You need the top part cooked, too!

While waiting for your food to be cooked by your make-shift steamer, try to check once in a while if there's still water. Don't forget that unless you want to burn your pan.

Meanwhile, watch 2 Broke Girls to make the waiting more fun and tolerable.

For the best hakaw experience: Put truckloads of chili into a mix of soy sauce and calamansi. Newly cooked rice is its lifelong partner. <3

This Sariling Sikap Series is brought to you by hunger and quick thinking. 

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Pinot Grigio

The Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie Battle: Famiglia Zonin vs Waitrose

Price: Famiglia Zonin costs around Php350 at SM while Waitrose costs around Php415 at Rustan's Fresh.

Okay. It's my first time to taste pinot grigio (the Italian version of pinot gris), maybe I have been drinking other things too much such as riesling, pink moscato, and chardonnay (of course, it's the New Year!).

So how was pinot grigio? It. Was. Weird. The pinot grigio from the region of delle Venezie was somewhat... salty? That comment may be the worst tasting note ever made for pinot grigio but if you taste it like it's the first time you've ever drunk wine, it feels like it attacks the parotid glands and so we initially thought it was salty. It's a drink that is supposed to be accompanied with a meal. Definitely not a dessert wine or after-meal wine, or even while snacking on chips (it's already "salty" in itself).
There's a pinot on the left and a pinot on the right!
So which drink wins it? Two votes (out of two) go to Waitrose because Famiglia Zonin's is a little too strong when you drink it while Waitrose has subtler and "more tolerable" taste - the kind that can make you want to drink it through and through.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Sometimes, it's not the how that makes it memorable. It's finally getting the answer you've always known. :)