Sunday, February 23, 2014

Marcia Adams - Tagaytay

Marcia Adams is very easy to miss, but when you get there, the place is made up of pure gorgeous. The pathway (slippery when wet!) leads to an option where you can sit, enjoy the view (or the rustic interiors), and feel the cool winds of Tagaytay.
"May sign naman po kami." Even if it's at the eye-level of a dog. -.-
Price starts with a minimum of Php700. It might be a little steep, but the food was surprisingly good and the serving is more than enough! You get appetizer, main course, and dessert as well. The prawns were good! The salad was good as well, but my sister said that the chicken kabab (although very filling) was on the salty side. Their desserts are okay, too, unless you pick the banana fritters which are... more common. There's also ice cream but why order ice cream at this 20-degree weather?

It's the current date place to be at. If you're a guy and you bring a girl here, she doesn't have any option but to talk to you since the food takes some time to be served.

Unfortunately, the place was not vegetarian friendly. The vegetarian approves of the scenic location but the food options lean mostly to the carnivores. Also, the mosquitoes are very welcoming and want to have a taste of your blood, so the servers have some job to fulfill by looking at your legs skin which is very delectable for mosquitoes and offer insect repellent spray for your protection.

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